Driving up sales

May 1, 2003 - By

In the heart of gritty, industrial Cleveland, parked on a pitted, gravel lot, some of the cleanest engines in the city are waiting to burn. read more

Pay at the pump

May 1, 2003 - By

Imagine hordes of hurried motorists pulling into gas stations and filling their tanks with propane. Gas-and-go with the swipe of a money card. Think of all the clean-burning gallons that would be consumed should propane become commonplace as an American automobile fuel -- to say nothing of the auxiliary LPG business that a public primed for propane would support. read more

The Steps to Achieving Your Goals

May 1, 2003 - By

In the first column in this series we addressed the importance of having a business plan and we outlined three basic elements of the plan: In Taking stock of your company, In Setting your goals, In Creating the steps to take you through each. read more

More dense than smog

May 1, 2003 - By

Remember the recent electricity shortages that crippled the state of California? You’d think those folks would have learned something about resource over-management after a crisis of that magnitude, right? Guess again. read more

Conversations you may record

May 1, 2003 - By

This advice may seem slightly off the wall, but I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked about the legality of recording telephone or face-to-face conversations and, more precisely, who must have knowledge of and/or consent to such recordings. read more

Attitude must be measured

May 1, 2003 - By

Have you ever tried to measure attitude? It’s pretty tough to measure, but we know it when we see it. read more

Teaching forklift maintenance is vital

May 1, 2003 - By

Concerns for the environment have moved indoors. The health and safety of employees in the workplace have long been an issue with OSHA, but more recently the Environmental Protection Agency has promulgated large spark ignited (LSI) engine emission regulations that are already impacting the forklift market. read more

Energy legislation creeps back

May 1, 2003 - By

Major energy legislation that didn’t quite make it through Congress last year is rapidly taking shape this year. Several House and Senate panels have approved measures including tax and grant programs similar to legislation in the last Congress. read more

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