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Brian Richesson is the editor in chief of LP Gas Magazine. Contact him at brichesson@northcoastmedia.net or 216-706-3748.

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Exploring propane’s value at state, national levels Posted on 19 Feb 2018 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

Local regulatory and environmental efforts are being made in parts of the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emission levels. How will this affect propane? Read more»

Conger LP Gas, building supplier to launch homebuilders show Posted on 12 Feb 2018 in the News categories.

Conger LP Gas is partnering with a Georgia building supply company to host the first South Georgia Home Showcase on Feb. 12-13 at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center in Tifton, Georgia. Read more»

EIA adds new propane supply adequacy measures Posted on 22 Jan 2018 in the News categories.

The EIA says these new measures, established in response to industry and stakeholder concerns, should provide additional information so propane dealers and customers can plan adequately. Read more»

Capitalizing on funding from the Volkswagen settlement Posted on 11 Jan 2018 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

Some industry members have spent the last year exploring how propane could capitalize on funding being made available as a result of the Volkswagen settlement. Read more»

Domestic market changes to hold retailers’ attention in 2018 Posted on 02 Jan 2018 in the Blue Flame Blog categories.

The increase in U.S. propane exports and export capacity has captured the industry’s attention for the last several years. Read more»

FMCSA grants hours-of-service relief for 37 states, D.C. Posted on 31 Dec 2017 in the News categories.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration responded to an anticipated shortage of home heating fuels due to severe winter weather and the demand for increased usage by declaring a regional emergency. Read more»

Foster Fuels contributes to hurricane relief efforts Posted on 27 Dec 2017 in the News & Uncategorized categories.

After nearly three months overseas, a majority of the crew returned home on Dec. 15, making its mission an almost four-month-long process. Read more»

Crestwood responds to FMCSA’s new electronic logging device rule Posted on 21 Dec 2017 in the Current Issue & Uncategorized categories.

While short-haul operations – those driving within a 100-air-mile radius of the driver’s work-reporting location – are exempted from the FMCSA's electronic logging device rule, companies like propane supplier Crestwood face impacts. Read more»

2017 propane industry overview Posted on 18 Dec 2017 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

From soaring U.S. propane exports during part of the heating season to extreme weather later in the year, 2017 in the propane industry didn’t lack for action. Read more»

PERC restructures, refines roles of staff members Posted on 29 Nov 2017 in the News & People categories.

The Propane Education & Research Council has reorganized its staff structure under first-year president and CEO Tucker Perkins. It eliminated three positions and changed the roles of others in the organization. Read more»