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James Guyette is a contributing editor for LP Gas.

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Ammonia contamination episodes bring acute safety, operational risks Posted on 15 Jun 2015 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

An incident involving ammonia contamination can create caustic consequences for your propane business. “It can be a business killer, as the comprehensive cost of action and remediation is an immediate... Read more»

Marketers avoid year-ago scenario with ample supply, lower demand Posted on 29 Apr 2015 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

Detailed, robust preparations also play part in overcoming onslaughts of nasty weather. Although you might have a slightly differing viewpoint if you struggled with sporadic supply shortages, the overall consensus... Read more»

US territory sparks global interest in propane-generated electricity Posted on 26 Jan 2015 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

Residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands received a welcome Christmas gift when the territory’s Water and Power Authority (WAPA) announced that the new year would ring in reduced electricity bills... Read more»

New salt-cavern site shakes up western market with increased capacity Posted on 06 Nov 2014 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

Western propane purveyors are leveraging the benefits of securing an enhanced and handy supply of LP gas by patronizing a vast new underground storage facility in central Utah. With a... Read more»

Officials, regulators cooperate as propane industry prepares for winter Posted on 22 Sep 2014 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

Hoping to ease the trials and tribulations that beset last winter, propane providers are pulling out all of the stops to make a successful go at the coming cold weather.... Read more»

Natural gas pipelines advance into propane territory; LPG leaders take notice Posted on 26 Aug 2014 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

  Something smells rotten to numerous propane providers, and it’s not just the mercaptan odor that signals the presence of natural gas. Noses are out of joint and serious concerns... Read more»

New research changes fire code to benefit barbecue cylinder sales sites Posted on 25 Jun 2014 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

Industry-initiated adjustments to fire code regulations are expected to further stoke the cylinder exchange marketplace. An ambitious scientific study determined that the steel and aluminum cabinets currently in use are... Read more»

Supply disruptions, price spikes deliver tight, tough winter heating season Posted on 21 Apr 2014 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

As the term polar vortex entered the nation’s lexicon, many propane providers and their customers were wishing a pox on Pax and all other winter storms that put such a... Read more»

A novel approach to the alternative motor fuels marketplace Posted on 24 Jan 2014 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

A Pennsylvania propane retailer is meeting customer needs by offering autogas and compressed natural gas at a new $4 million complex A propane retailer in Pennsylvania is putting the pedal... Read more»

Marketers urged to cultivate several propane supply options prior to winter’s arrival Posted on 03 Sep 2013 in the Current Issue categories.

Propane retailers are being advised to line up several product sources going into the winter heating season. Read more»

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