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Addressing community concerns about plant expansion Posted on 09 Dec 2016 in the Current Issue categories.

When it comes to plant expansion, know what safety buttons to push, especially when it comes to community concerns. Read more»

Overcome obstacles masking company exposures Posted on 24 Oct 2016 in the Current Issue categories.

Overcome the obstacles masking your company’s exposures by using this advice. Read more»

Encouraging propane drivers to promote safety, selling Posted on 07 Oct 2016 in the Current Issue categories.

Use these tips to encourage drivers to promote propane safety and sales opportunities. Read more»

Checking for safety compliance issues Posted on 22 Aug 2016 in the Current Issue categories.

Use your slow business days to check for safety compliance issues. Read more»

Real-life incidents shed light on importance of workplace safety standards Posted on 28 Jul 2016 in the Current Issue categories.

Real-life incidents reveal the importance of workplace safety standards. Read more»

Asking ‘Why?’ to enhance safety Posted on 24 Jun 2016 in the Current Issue categories.

My toddler-aged grandchildren are constantly asking “Why?” I get frustrated when I forget the importance of asking “Why?” in the process of achieving an understanding. As we age, many of... Read more»

Life lessons learned in Nashville Posted on 13 May 2016 in the Current Issue categories.

Life lessons can be learned from every experience if we keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to understanding change, innovation and wisdom shared. Last month, I had the opportunity... Read more»

Using recognition, rewards to achieve compliance goals Posted on 13 Mar 2016 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

Those of us not in the field, at the plant or on the road rarely consider the human factor while underscoring the importance of safety compliance. We deal with paperwork,... Read more»

Using the choice, chance and control concept to teach safety Posted on 16 Feb 2016 in the Current Issue categories.

When we understand how choices impact chance, we can control our experience. As I wind up my 43rd year of providing insurance and safety services for the propane industry, I... Read more»

Refocusing on safety and profitability in 2016 Posted on 25 Jan 2016 in the Current Issue categories.

As we wander into this new year of global warming concerns, international unrest and the presidential election circus, it’s important that we stay focused on values and what’s important in... Read more»

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