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Energy Distribution Partners

Energy Distribution Partners (EDP) has established a reputation as a partner of choice for propane operators who are seeking to transition the ownership of their businesses. An entrepreneurial company, EDP has a seasoned leadership team interested in developing relationships with retail propane operators who have worked hard to build a quality propane operation and want to see their legacy and their brand name preserved.

Contact EDP to discuss the possible sale of your company to an industry partner who shares your values of customer service and employee development. EDP will not have a booth at the National Propane Gas Association’s Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo, but Brett Krause and other members of the EDP leadership team will be walking around at the show, ready to meet people to discuss succession options. To reach Brett, call 312-254-5954.

Contact: Brett Krause
Phone: 312-254-5954
Email: bkrause@edplp.net