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Jomar Valve

Jomar Valve carries the T-203DU and T-204DU gas ball valves, which eliminate the need for separate dielectric unions, fittings, labor and the additional potential leak points, all by incorporating the dielectric union into the end connection of the valve body. Jomar’s latest valves are also designed to comply with the NFPA 58 dielectric requirement. The T-203DU and T-204DU valves are also available with male NPT tailpieces to be installed directly into the second-stage regulator.

At the National Propane Gas Association’s Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo, Jomar Valve will display a variety of brass, carbon and stainless steel ball valves along with their popular “Bluecap” line of gas cocks that all carry numerous certifications for propane and other gas applications.

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