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Program assists with employee drug testing, background checks

ProSight Specialty Insurance extended its Drug Free Workplace and Employee Drug Testing Program powered by Foley Carrier Services to propane and fuel oil dealers and social service organizations.

ProSight assists with drug testing and background checks so propane retailers and fuel oil dealers can ensure their drivers are drug free. According to the company, ProSight developed this service because it understands both the propane and fuel oil industries are subject to Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements due to hazardous waste transportation.

The service includes the following packages that are administered by Foley Carrier Services:

“Whether a company is DOT regulated or not, they need to safeguard every facet of their business and that includes ensuring drivers are drug free,” says Michelle Pray, president of consumer services at ProSight. “Our program is a one-stop shop for both drug testing and background checks, so customers can retain better drivers and have peace of mind when their employees and volunteers are on the road.”

All packages provide access to Foley Carrier Services’ background check service, which includes vehicle record, criminal background, employment and reference checks.