Propane-powered fuel cell system supports railway signals

March 10, 2016 By    

Ultra Electronics USSI received a follow-on contract for a large volume of propane-powered fuel cell systems from RedHawk Energy Systems of Pataskala, Ohio.

The propane-powered P250i fuel cell system from Ultra Electronics USSI provides 250 watts of 24/7 backup power for railway signals and crossings. The fuel cell system recharges battery banks at railway installations. The system contains a secure compartment for propane, along with a telematics communication system to remotely monitor the system’s status and fuel level.

According to RedHawk, run time using two standard propane grill cylinders ranges from 130 to 160 hours. Larger tanks can be used to provide longer run times.

Ultra Electronics USSI says this technology allows for the railway signals and crossings to run for days, weeks and months on backup power. RedHawk Energy Systems supplies backup power solutions to the railway industry, including solar- and wind-powered systems. The P250i fuel cell can be used as a backup to AC power or integrated into a solar- or wind-powered system.

According to Ultra Electronics USSI, this order adds to the existing installation base in North America and provides the company additional backlog to the existing fuel cell production line.

Ultra Electronics USSI is a group of businesses that manage a portfolio of specialist capabilities, generating solutions and products for the aerospace, security, transport and energy markets.

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