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Propane retailers respond to presidential election outcome

Donald Trump

The presidential election is finally over, and Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States.

Some are describing Trump’s victory as the greatest political upset in U.S. history. The outcome was undoubtedly a surprise to many, considering the number of polls that showed Hillary Clinton winning.

Regardless of the outcome, the people have spoken and the time has come to look ahead. Propane retailers, of course, are eager to see what a Trump administration brings. LP Gas recently surveyed retailers about how a Trump administration would affect their businesses, and the results are mixed.

In a survey of about 100 retailers, 43 percent believe a Trump administration will have a positive effect on their businesses; 14 percent believe it will have a negative impact on their businesses; and 43 percent aren’t sure what impact a Trump administration will have on their businesses.

A number of retailers weighed in anonymously with comments about the effects of a Trump administration on propane. Here’s a sampling:

LP Gas also asked retailers how a Clinton administration would have affected their businesses, and the response was much more negative. In fact, 70 percent of retailers believe a Clinton administration would have been bad for propane businesses. Twenty-five percent aren’t sure what a Clinton administration would have meant for their businesses. Only 5 percent felt positively about the prospect of a Clinton administration for their businesses.