Suppliers Guide 2017

The LP Gas 2017 Suppliers Guide is an expanded directory of the propane industry’s top product sources. Check them out below.


AePEX Energy

P.O. Box 1719
Templeton, CA 93465
Phone: 805-591-4470
Fax: 805-226-4359
Founded: 2014
Owner: William Platz
States serviced: 8
U.S. regions serviced: West
Transports: 7
Terminal locations: 3
Contracts: Annual, differential based, fixed, posted, pre-buy, spot
Management: Lisa Gerwitz, vice president of wholesale operations
Sales reps: Mark Miller, western sales (805-712-2196)

Alliance Energy Services LLC

318 Armour Road
North Kansas City, MO 64116
Phone: 816-421-5192
Fax: 816-421-5196
Founded: 2002
Owner: Alliance Energy Services
Retailer accounts: 450
States serviced: 37
U.S. regions serviced: Midwest, Northeast, Ohio Valley, Southeast, Southwest
Pipelines: Dixie, MAPL, NuStar, Oneok, TEPPCO
Terminals: 83
Terminal locations: Kentucky – Madisonville; Minnesota – Benson; Wisconsin – Waupaca
Contracts: Annual, annual index, ceiling, collars, differential based, exchanges, financial, fixed, hedging, index formulas, multi-year, options, posted, pre-buy, PTO, rack, spot, storage, strip pricing
Management: Jason Doyle, president (816-581-2604); Paul Rowlett, VP of accounting & finance (816-581-2603); Steve Bohannon, director of supply and trading (816-581-2605); Kevin Harless, national sales manager (816-581-2608); Mike Summers, director of marketing (816-581-2621); Jim Neumann, supply manager
Sales reps: Tom Schoeck, Midwest (816-581-2619); Libby Byrns, Upper Midwest/Ohio Valley (816-581-2618); Carter Krueger, Upper Midwest (816-581-2644); Tiffany Ferrugia, Midwest (816-581-2615); Mike Turner, Upper Midwest (816-581-2642); Sam Knight, Michigan/Ohio Valley (616-914-1980); Nick DiRisio, Northeast (585-343-6555); Patrick Frey, Ohio Valley & Mid Atlantic (816-581-2652); Taylor Perry, Midwest (816-581-2609)

Elbow River Marketing Ltd.

355-8th Ave. SW, Suite 1500
Calgary, AB T2P1C9, Canada
Phone: 403-232-6868
Fax: 403-269-9576
Founded: 1984
Owner: Parkland Fuel Corp.
U.S. regions serviced: Continental U.S.
Railcars: 1,200
Contracts: Annual, annual index, differential based, fixed, hedging, index formulas, multi-year, NYMEX, options, posted, pre-buy, rack, spot, storage, strip pricing
Management: Craig Clark, vice president of LPG (403-260-5903); Nick Magistad, LPG trading (403-450-7277)
Sales reps: Max Cousins, LPG trading (403-260-5919); Damon Booth, LPG trading (403-450-7275); Kami Fehr, LPG trading (403-260-5905); Doug Downing, LPG Trading (403-313-9754)

Ferrell North America

7500 College Blvd., Suite 1000
Overland Park, KS 66210
Phone: 800-233-7126
Fax: 913-661-2191
Founded: 1977
Retailer accounts: 200
U.S. regions serviced: Entire U.S.
Pipelines: Dixie, MAPL, NuStar, Oneok North, TEPPCO
Railcars: 100
Transports: 274
Terminals: 183 (with all major supply locations nationwide)
Contracts: Annual, hedging, pre-buy, spot
Management: Travis Ochs, VP of supply (913-661-2136); Jimmy Ainsworth, VP of transportation (913-661-2141); TravisDunham, director of wholesale (913-661-2147)
Sales reps: Lauren Vernon, Southwest and Midwest (913-661-2126); Laura Hawkinson, Eastern U.S. (913-661-2121); Tyler Fenton, Great Lakes (913-661-2159); Dan Marler, MN, MT, ND, SD (701-857-6088); Brandi Torre, third-party freight services (913-661-2130)

Superior Gas Liquids

Suite 1400, 840 – 7th Ave. SW
Calgary, AB, Canada T2P 3G2
Phone: 403-218-32970
Fax: 403-283-6589
Founded: 2005
Owner: Superior Plus Corp.
Retailer accounts: 25
States serviced: 24
U.S. regions serviced: California, Midwest, Northeast, North Central, Pacific Northwest, West Coast
Total storage capacity (bbls): 2 million
Pipelines: Enbridge
Railcars: More than 400
Terminals: 13
Terminal locations: Canada – Langley, British Columbia; Regina, Saskatchewan; Marysville, Ontario; Stevensville terminal, Ontario; Saint Catherine’s terminal, Montreal, Quebec; St. Romuald terminal, Quebec City, Quebe
Other supply points: Conway and Mont Belvieu
Contracts: Annual, annual index, differential based, exchanges, financial, fixed, hedging, index formulas, multi-year, posted, pre-buy, PTO, rack, spot, storage, strip pricing
Management: Shawn Vammen, senior VP (403-476-0988); Jason Fortin, VP finance and administration (403-775-8999); Stephen Dobbelsteyn, director, logistics, HSE & facilities (403-476-0983)
Sales reps: Reggie Dickson, manager – fixed price desk (403-476-0465); Andrew Duffy, marketing manager east (403-476-0982); Christian Beaule, wholesale marketing rep, east (613-406-7953); Cory Thornton, marketing manager, west (403-476-0981); Bob Shaw, wholesale marketing rep, butane (403-775-8994); Glen Willmott, wholesale marketing rep, west (604-358-9633); Andy Pollick, wholesale marketing rep, northeast (419-429-9782); Michelle Peterson, wholesale marketing rep, North American heavies (651-238-1710)