LP Gas

Drain valve designed for propane-powered equipment

Global Sales Group offers its EZ Drain Valve as a solution for vaporizers and regulators on propane-powered equipment, such as forklifts, skid steers and scissor lifts. Vaporizers use engine heat to convert liquid propane into propane vapor, and this process separates the fuel into lighter and heavier compounds. As a result, the lighter compounds tend to fully vaporize, but the heavier compounds tend to turn into oily residue that should be drained periodically, the company notes. The stainless steel EZ Drain Valve assists in this application. Some regulators or vaporizers feature brass drain valves to remove oil and tar from propane-powered units, but a stainless steel valve is required if any harsh chemicals are present in the residue. The EZ Drain Valve should be used to drain oil and tar from propane-powered equipment every 100 to 150 hours, the company adds.