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SafeRack LLC announces the redesigned SafeRack G4 Gangway. The G4 uses metal-stamping technology to create a stronger gangway that is lighter and smoother to operate. All SafeRack gangways have 90 shared parts that fold or unfold as the gangway is used. The use of the new metal-stamping technology means that the gangways are more reproducible. This reproducibility yields accurate replacement parts that can be bolted into the original gangway. The metal-stamping tooling offers the same 4,000ths tolerance on each of the 21 pivot points on the G4 that is found on SafeRack’s other gangways. In addition to aluminum construction, SafeRack also plans to offer a stainless-steel model that can use more expensive stainless steel that will reduce the price to the customer. The stainless-steel G4 model will be corrosion resistant and half the weight of a galvanized model, making it easier to raise and lower. The G4 also has slip-resistant tread on the stairs, powder-coated handrails and mid-rails, heavy-duty bumpers, strong and durable springs, four-rail design for maximum fall protection and easy operation.

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Wireless calculator and data logger

Gas industry companies considering the pros and cons of switching to wireless monitoring of temperature conditions critical to both quality and energy costs can make more informed technology decisions with the Wireless Savings Calculator by Dickson Co., manufacturer of the Wireless Wizard Temperature Data Logger. Dickson’s Wireless Wizard is the first wireless data logger that is fail-safe, according to the company. It provides up to nine-day data backup storage with fail-safe Dickson Data-Keep. It’s easy to set up and will give ongoing feedback on network status with the Wizard Signal Sensor.

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Tube heaters

A line of positive-pressure, low-intensity infrared tube heaters has been introduced by Space-Ray with a Tube Integrity Safety System (TISS) that provides additional safety for building owners. Available in natural gas and propane, the new PTS/PTU Series tube heaters use positive pressure to push products of combustion through the heavy-duty, calorized, aluminized or alumatherm steel combustion chamber. The heat exchangers are available in heavy-duty, hot-rolled steel or as an ALC option in calorized, aluminized steel for high humidity/corrosive environments. The heaters come with a choice of one-stage or two-stage input controls for added flexibility and a totally enclosed burner box that places all the power, thermostat and gas connections in one central location for easier installation and maintenance. The noise level of the heaters is below 60 dB(A), making them ideal for applications where minimal noise is desired. The tube heaters are available in eight models and over 100 configurations.

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Coxreels has released new reel models in the heavy duty Truck Mount Series. The new models have an increased capacity of 75 feet of ¾-inch I.D hose and 50 feet of 1-inch I.D hose. These new reels accompany the original heavy duty T-Series reels, built for the toughest work conditions. Coxreels added a new dual bearing axle support system to these reels, creating ultra smooth low friction, extraction and retraction, allowing the reels to resist wear in any abusive environment. All reels in the T-Series are spring-motor operated and come standard equipped with Coxreels’ Super-Hub and triple axle support with full frame for maximum strength and rigidity. All T-Series handling ¾-inch to 1-inch hose will now be equipped with stainless steel rollers, increasing durability in these extreme applications.

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