Bergquist, Chicago Fittings introduce flexible pipe

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The company says the CFlexliner exhibits greater flexibility than the traditional X-Riser. Photo courtesy of Bergquist.

Bergquist Inc. introduced the CFlexliner from Chicago Fittings at the 2018 National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo in Atlanta.

The CFlexliner includes updates off of the X-Riser, an underground jointless, flexible pipe that eliminates the risk associated with below grade joints, from Chicago Fittings. The CFlexliner has increased ease of installation and accessibility for the customer, according to Bergquist.

“We are eager to showcase the CFlexliner at NPGA to demonstrate its improvements and value to our customers,” says Don Heller, vice president of propane technologies for Bergquist. “Bergquist is committed to providing high-quality products to ensure peace of mind for our customers while maximizing their bottom line.”

According to the company, the CFlexliner exhibits greater flexibility than the traditional X-Riser, allowing for more movement of the product once the polyethylene tubing has been fitted, even in subzero temperatures. The CFlexliner features less shape memory, meaning it relaxes to a straight position after being tightly coiled. This product model allows for polyethylene tubing to slide through more effortlessly than with the X-Riser and will assure coverage for the customer from main to meter, Bergquist says.

“We want to ensure longevity of products, easing the day-to-day workloads for our customers,” Heller says. “We are grateful to companies like Chicago Fittings who provide us with excellent products so we can remain committed to our mission and vision of offering optimal customer service.”

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