Propane Council of Texas touts propane school buses

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With schools back in session, the Propane Council of Texas is reminding communities and school districts about the economic, environmental and domestic fuel source benefits of propane autogas-powered school buses.

Quiet, efficient and clean-burning propane school buses transport about 1.3 million children to school daily across the U.S., the council notes.

While electric school buses are attractive to some school districts, their high upfront investment can significantly impact strained school district budgets, the council adds.

Propane school buses cost one-third less than an electric bus, refuel more quickly and have a smaller carbon footprint when factoring the grid generation, transmission and distribution to power electric buses, according to the council. Propane buses also can drive up to 400 miles after one refueling.

Additionally, propane autogas refueling stations give school districts the energy security they need to operate grid-free with propane backup generation.

School bus photo courtesy of the Propane Council of Texas

Propane school buses transport about 1.3 million children to school daily across the U.S. (Photo: Propane Council of Texas)

Propane school buses by the numbers

  • 14 states operate 500-plus buses
  • 1,000 school districts and contractors operate buses
  • About 23,000 buses on the road today (of more than 468,000 total)
  • About 1.3 million students transported daily on propane buses

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