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Brian Richesson is the editor in chief of LP Gas Magazine. Contact him at brichesson@northcoastmedia.net or 216-706-3748.

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Propane market analyst to speak at 2019 LP Gas Growth Summit Posted on 10 May 2019 in the News categories.

Mike Sloan, the managing director for ICF's Natural Gas and Liquids Advisory Services Group, will speak at this year's LP Gas Growth Summit, set for Oct. 7-9 at Reunion Resort, outside Orlando, Florida. Read more»

Propane Expo attendance dips for third straight year Posted on 06 May 2019 in the News categories.

The National Propane Gas Association reported 3,100 total attendees and 240 exhibiting companies for April’s Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo in Atlanta. Read more»

ICF report makes retailers wary of warmer weather Posted on 03 May 2019 in the Current Issue & Featured categories.

More mild weather conditions in 2017 hamper propane gallon sales, according to the Annual Retail Propane Sales Report conducted by ICF. Read more»

Solution to propane industry employee challenges: Hire veterans Posted on 02 May 2019 in the Blue Flame Blog categories.

Military veterans are ready and willing to serve your business, and they have the high personal and professional qualities to do so successfully. Read more»

Tank suppliers advise propane retailers to plan ahead on projects Posted on 25 Apr 2019 in the Blue Flame Blog categories.

In recent months and extending back into 2018, we’ve heard reaction from the industry about extended lead times and rising prices on new propane tanks, notably the larger bulk vessels of 30,000 gallons and above. Read more»

Interline Brands recalls swivel fittings Posted on 22 Apr 2019 in the News categories.

The brass, gold-colored fittings connect two male flare nuts opposite to each other. The swivels were used primarily for LP gas applications by professional installers. Read more»

FCCC S2G Propane Bobtail Forum scheduled for 2019 NPGA Expo Posted on 10 Apr 2019 in the News categories.

The Propane Education & Research Council is hosting an FCCC S2G Propane Bobtail Forum at the NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo. Read more»

Making our point about propane ‘Supply Points’ Posted on 08 Apr 2019 in the Blue Flame Blog categories.

In our monthly print and digital editions of LP Gas magazine, we feature a section that highlights the latest supply-related developments taking place across the country. With this section, called... Read more»

Tri Gas & Oil to serve Mid-Atlantic region with new propane terminal Posted on 08 Apr 2019 in the News categories.

Superior Energy Systems completed a propane terminal build for Tri Gas & Oil, which will operate as affiliate Mid-Atlantic Rail Services (MARS). Read more»

Sharp Energy triples propane rail terminal capacity in Delaware Posted on 08 Apr 2019 in the News categories.

Chesapeake Utilities Corp.’s propane distribution subsidiary, Sharp Energy, completed significant construction upgrades to its propane rail facility in North Dover, Delaware. Read more»