Autogas pump produces flows to 24 gallons per minute

March 12, 2015 By    

LPG_Prods_Blackmer_300x256The Blackmer Ebsray RC20 and RC25 regenerative turbine pump models for use in autogas-handling applications produce flows to 24 gallons per minute at pressures of 145 psi with speeds to 3,600 rpm and a power range to 4 horsepower. Compared to competitive models, the Ebsray pumps are about 30 percent more efficient in terms of energy use, Blackmer reports. The RC20 and RC25 feature single-stage bronze impellers, ductile-iron casings and high-tensile alloy-steel shafts, Blackmer reports. To complement the RC20 and RC25 models, Blackmer also offers the Ebsray RV18 model bypass valve that enables regenerative turbine pumps to offer full pump flow while maintaining controlled, preset maximum pressures. The pump models have been hydrostatically tested to 1,000 psi and are constructed of ASTM A395 ductile iron with steel springs.

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