Propane industry leader, LP Gas Hall of Famer dies

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Charles Revere, president of Revere Gas, died Monday in his Hartfield, Va., home at age 76.

Revere was a spokesperson for the propane industry for more than 50 years. He was known for sharing his opinions and wisdom about the industry at meetings and events. This year, he entered the LP Gas Hall of Fame. He also received the National Propane Gas Association’s (NPGA) Distinguished Service Award last year.

Revere served as NPGA board president from 1999 to 2000. During his time as president, he encouraged marketer participation and helped improve the relationship between NPGA and the Propane Education & Research Council. He also played a pivotal role in industry negotiations with the Department of Transportation on excess flow protection regulations in 1997. His work on the rule helped to increase industry safety. Additionally, Revere held leadership positions in the Virginia Propane Gas Association.

Photo: Charles Revere

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  1. Matt Little says:

    Mr. Revere was an incredible leader, entrepreneur, Father and friend. He will be sorely missed by everyone that knew him.

  2. Will Norman says:

    What an outstanding gentleman! Its heartbreaking when good friends leave us; our prayers and thoughts go out to the family.

  3. Mike Finuf says:

    He will be missed. Great person to work with. He loved this industry. Everyone will miss him!!

  4. Watt Foster says:

    I’ve known Charlie for many years and always admired him. He had a passion for the industry and taught his children to have the same. I worked beside my father like Carlton has his and Revere Gas will carry on in good stead.

  5. Jeff Shaffer says:

    Carlton, just wanted you to know I admired your dad and always enjoyed talking to him and listening to his stories. You and your family will be in my prayers.

  6. Alan says:

    Mr revere was one of the greatest guys I have ever had a chance to be around . Always like to hear him talk about his days working and growing up when times where different . When he talks u always make sure to listen closely to every word . He just had a way to talk to everyone in a special kinda way …can’t begin to say what he meant to us at revere gas he impacted so many people most of which he probably didn’t know that did because he just treated everyone with the up most respect even if they didn’t do the same . So glad I can say I got the chance to be a part of his big family of Coworkers and friends thanks to his hard work and motivation building such a great and successful business . Prayers from my family to yours

  7. Debbie Wilson Lowe says:

    My heart breaks for this beautiful family! I have know Charles and his family my whole life! May God wrap his arms around each one of them and give them strength to get though the days to come!

  8. Lewie Lawrence says:

    Excellent community leader. Middlesex and the entire Middle Peninsula won’t be the same. Bless the Revere family.

  9. BILL & SUE VAN NAME says:


  10. Harry Hanger says:

    I first met Charley at a dinner sponsored by Oboyle Tank Lines when I first came into the industry in 1979 (I hardly knew what propane was). He impressed me then and he was always encouraging and kind to me although our companies at that time were competitors. Later he encouraged me during some difficult professional periods in my life and helped me keep perspective. Sally Gayle played a critical role in raising support for the VAPGA Scholarship funds which benefited my kids when they went to college (the help was much needed and appreciated). Later when my company was sold and I began consulting, my first customer was Revere Propane. I don’t think that they really needed my analysis all that much, but were motivated by wanting to offer support to a friend and colleague. This was typical of Charley and typical of the Revere family. They have always treated employees and colleagues as family members. Charley will be sorely missed, but I am thankful that his admirable legacy has been passed successfully on to his sons.