Propane Personality: Jessica Johnson

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Headshot: Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson

National Accounts Coordinator, ThompsonGas


University of North Carolina Asheville
Bachelor’s in Sociology
Class of 2009

Work & Industry Experience

August 2022-Present
Propane Education & Research Council
Advisory Committee Member

April 2022-Present
Women in Propane
Association Engagement Committee Ambassador
Marketing & Communications Committee Member

March 2022-Present
Creator, Executive Producer of “Through the Leadership Lens” Podcast

February 2022-Present
Propane Education & Research Council
Working Group Member

National Accounts Coordinator

Alliance AutoGas
National Accounts Program Director

‘[Propane] found me’

“I had been working for several years managing an art gallery … and I just thought, you know, I need a change. I wasn’t looking for propane, and I always joke that it found me. My career began in autogas, and I learned so much by being an industry liaison. From day one, I was working with many different types of groups. I stayed [in the industry] because it’s so interesting. Being with ThompsonGas for almost two years now, I’ve found so much opportunity and growth. I’ve never been more excited to be in the industry than right now.”

Women in Propane (WIP)

Johnson is creator and executive producer of WIP’s new podcast, “Through the Leadership Lens.”

Jessica Johnson, right, works with Nancy Coop, left, and other members of Women in Propane on council initiatives. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Johnson)

Jessica Johnson, right, works with Nancy Coop, left, and other members of Women in Propane on council initiatives. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Johnson)

“It’s really been a dream come true – working with [WIP founding chair] Nancy Coop and the whole council with lifting up not only women’s voices but women’s voices in the industry and just hearing from leadership that we haven’t typically heard from. We’re trying to pull from the knowledge base that we’ve got. There are so many brilliant leaders in the industry, and I wanted to give them a platform to tell their story.”

WIP’s mentorship program

“Joining the Knowledge Exchange was probably the single best thing I could have done for my career. I signed up to get a mentor, to be matched with one my first year in the industry, and I’m still in touch with her today. Having that support and guidance was so crucial to my personal development. I would encourage anyone who has thought about getting a mentor – it’s definitely worth the time investment. At the same time, anyone who is considering becoming a mentor – they would be doing the industry such a service because sharing that knowledge with newcomers is just so valuable.”

Passion for autogas

“I got my start in autogas, so it will always be top of mind for me. As a motor fuel, it just makes sense. It’s good for the environment, it’s good for your wallet, and it is a domestically sourced fuel. If you’re a propane marketer and you are still going to the gas station to fill up with diesel, it might be time to ask yourself why, and what are you waiting for? It truly makes the most sense for us to be using the same fuel that we so proudly provide to our customers.”

Jessica Johnson

ThompsonGas’ internship program

“Something that I’m especially proud of is our internship program. Every year, we have a class of about 10 to 20 interns, and this is not the type of program where the interns are running out for coffee or making copies. We’re asking them to help us innovate, to share ideas on how we can improve the industry. Some of them go on to really excel and end up staying with the company. Our internship program is stellar, and I’m really proud that we have something like that to offer the industry.”


Johnson enjoys spending time with her 3-year-old son. She also has enjoyed yoga and taking walks, which she says help clear her head. “And I’m a singer. From time to time, I sing with a group. We’re working on our first show since before COVID. So I’m really excited about that.”


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