Propane Personality: Steph Hennen

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South Dakota State University
Bachelor of Science, Agriculture Communications and
Agriculture Leadership
Class of 2017

Work Experience

Hired in April 2020
Lakes Gas
⦁ Marketing and Customer Service Manager
Marshall Excelsior Co.
⦁ Trade Show Coordinator
Westmor Industries
⦁ Marketing Intern
⦁ Trade Show Coordinator
Superior Industries
⦁ Marketing Intern
⦁ Propane Intern

What inspired you to join the propane industry?

“I grew up around the industry. I liked seeing the trucks and distinctly remember one that Westmor built. It was a pink bobtail in honor of breast cancer, and my favorite color is pink, so I thought it was super cool. I got an internship at 16. After graduating high school, I went to a Minnesota propane show. The conversations I had with people that night made me immediately think, ‘This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. This is the industry I want to be in.’ It started with my love for a pink bobtail, but I stayed because of how good the people in the industry are.”

Mike Hennen, Steph Hennen’s father and a Westmor Industries employee, built Steph a miniature pink bobtail model. Photo courtesy of Steph Hennen

Mike Hennen, Steph Hennen’s father and a Westmor Industries employee, built Steph a miniature pink bobtail model. Photo courtesy of Steph Hennen

Named runner-up for the World LPG Association’s Young Woman of the Year award

“I was definitely shocked. I know there are so many amazing women in the world who work in the propane industry, so I was very humbled to be considered one. I never thought in a million years that I would receive something like that.”

30 under 30 program

With help from the National Propane Gas Association and the Canadian Propane Association, the International Association of Young Gassers launched a 30 under 30 program for 2020. The program is aimed at recognizing the top young professionals in the propane industry. “It was really a program that I wanted to push and put in place because I wanted to show people who have been in the industry that there are quite a few young people already here. We just need to bring them to light and recognize them because recognition goes a long, long way with people. I think that will encourage more young people to get involved and be noticed by people who have been in the industry for a long time.”

How do you see young people fitting into the industry’s future?

“I’m not concerned about getting younger people into our industry because once they’re here, they’re going to be absolutely hooked. We’re an industry that cares about families. We care about the environment. We want to do good in the world. That’s what millennials and Gen Zs are looking for in a career. They want purpose and something that’s family-oriented, which our whole industry is.”


“I love being by the water and hanging out on the lake. I’m there probably almost every day in the summertime. I have a cat named Oliver, and he is the sweetest. Also, I love yoga, and I love to run.”

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Carly Bemer (McFadden) was the managing editor at LP Gas magazine.

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  1. George jenkins says:

    Lakes Gas got a diamond when they hired Steph. She is very determined to be successful and thinking out of the box is normal. She will be a true asset to Lakes Gas.