A prediction for 2016-17 winter weather

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Photo: Purdue Agricultural Communication photo/Steven Cain

The 2016-17 winter might extend into spring 2017 for people living in the Midwest and Northeast. Photo: Purdue Agricultural Communication photo/Steven Cain

The upcoming winter may overextend its welcome this year to those in the Midwest and Northeast, but this is potentially good news for propane retailers.

According to AccuWeather, an organization that provides weather forecasts, snowy conditions could stretch into spring 2017 for the Midwest and Northeast. The South, meanwhile, will likely experience a drier and milder winter, but the Southeast may experience a chilly January.

The following predictions are AccuWeather’s for U.S. regions this winter:

Northeast: Frequent storms across the northeastern United States this winter may lead to an above-normal season for snowfall. Unlike the 2015-16 winter in which most snowfall derived from a few heavy storms, this winter will likely last into the early or middle part of spring. Areas north of Boston and Connecticut will have a fair amount of snow throughout winter, but areas south of New York City aren’t as likely to accumulate snow. Overall, AccuWeather predicts the New England region will have a below-normal number of subzero days, but the temperature will average 3 to 5 degrees lower than last year.

Southeast: Winter will slowly creep into the Southeast, as very mild air will likely remain in the region throughout December. However, the New Year will bring a pattern change, as a sudden burst of cold air is expected to hit the region. Central Florida could experience a damaging freeze in mid- to late-January. Cold air will retreat after January, though.

Northern Plains/Midwest: The northern Plains and Midwest will experience shots of brutally cold air this winter. Snow is expected to begin to accumulate in early December, which could contribute to even colder weather. Temperatures will plummet as the season moves forward, averaging 6 to 9 degrees colder compared with last winter.

Southern Plains/Gulf Coast: Fall-like weather will linger into the winter season across this region, but a change will come afterward around December and January. Although the milder weather will retreat, dryness will remain throughout the season. Additionally, AccuWeather predicts Dallas and Little Rock, Arkansas, may not have any snow this winter.

Southwest: Warm and dry conditions are expected throughout winter in this region. December could have some record-breaking high temperatures. A few cold shots will hit areas such as Phoenix and Flagstaff, Arizona, in January, but warm weather will rebound.

Northwest: Early winter storms are expected to appear in this region, as the season will start with rain and winter storms. The region will likely experience a wet start to winter in early December.

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