A Propane Personality: Larry Osgood

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Headshot: Larry OsgoodLarry Osgood

President, Consulting Solutions LLC


California State University, Fullerton
Business Administration,
Finance & Economics
Class of 1979

Work Experience

ProPac Industries Inc.
⦁ President & General Manager

Petrolane Inc.
⦁ Manager, Santa Fe Springs
Conversion Center
⦁ Director of Technical Sales & Conversions

Phillips 66 Propane Co.
⦁ Vice President

Phillips Petroleum Co.
⦁ Manager, Alternative Fuels and Director LPG Development

Phillips Chemical Co.
⦁ Worldwide Business Unit Manager, Specialty Products & Chemicals

Consulting Solutions LLC
⦁ President

What is your New Year’s resolution?

“Go and provide lots of opportunity for new propane sales in 2019.”

In a word, what is the most important piece of tech propane retailers should have today?

“An empowered workforce. Yup, I cheated, for good reason. Teach ’em, encourage ’em, let ’em fly.”

“I think my best education was taking apart our lawn mower engine when I was 10. I laid it all apart on an old sheet in the garage and found a broken valve spring. I didn’t know what a valve spring was, but I could see what it did! I got a new one, put it back together and it worked until the deck rusted out!”


Photo: iStockphoto.com/ivanastar

Photo: iStockphoto.com/ivanastar

Golf and skiing, but my body is getting a bit tired these days. Jeeping and ATVing, especially with Patty and the grandkids.

What are some projects you are working on?

“Today, the U.S. is the largest producer and also exporter of propane. This means billions of gallons of propane per year are passing real potential U.S. customers to go largely to foreign petrochemical producers. Wouldn’t it be nice if this propane could go from U.S. marketers to U.S. customers? [Consulting Solutions] is working with PERC to focus on two potential large markets for propane engines in trucks and power generation. We are also actively coordinating work on fuel quality where propane continues to be a clean and sustainable fuel; engine development to increase performance and efficiency so propane is a better choice for fleets; and development
and improvement in our technology offerings.”

What do you think is the most popular piece of tech retailers have integrated into their operations?

Production routing software

Notable collaboration

Colorado Propane Gas Association, National Propane Gas Association, Propane Education & Research Council, Western Propane Gas Association, World LPG Association; state energy agencies; U.S. energy and environmental agencies

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