A year to celebrate: Equipment and solutions providers mark milestones in 2023

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2023 is a milestone year for many propane industry members.

Not only is the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) celebrating the 75th anniversary of its Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo, but the LP Gas Hall of Fame is recognizing its 10th class of inductees.

In addition, a handful of companies offering equipment and other solutions to the propane industry are commemorating their own special anniversaries this year. Here’s a closer look.

Logo: ADD Systems

ADD Systems

Specialty: Software and technology
Anniversary: 50th

How they’re celebrating: To celebrate its half-century anniversary, ADD Systems is hosting its largest Business Tech Conference ever in May. Set at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, the conference will enable the company to thank its users while showcasing its plans and products. A family business, ADD Systems treats its customers like family and strives to exhibit this relationship during the user conference, according to Regina Balistreri, director of marketing. The New Jersey-based company is overseeing a 50th anniversary campaign that will include interviews with clients, team members and vendors. It also will host team appreciation get-togethers such as holiday parties and summer events.

What they’re saying: “The 50-year anniversary of ADD Systems is a major milestone. It wouldn’t have been possible without our customers’ support, our employees’ dedication and our founders’ initial vision,” says Rob Culbertson, senior vice president and COO. “We’ve been able to navigate through decades of changes, coming out of each one bigger, stronger and poised to handle the good and bad times. We want to thank everyone that made this possible – from day one to the present.”

Matrix Capital Markets Group is based in Richmond, Virginia. (Photo by Honor Carver)

Matrix Capital Markets Group is based in Richmond, Virginia. (Photo by Honor Carver)

Matrix Capital Markets Group

Specialty: Merger and acquisition and financial advisory services
Anniversary: 35th

How they’re celebrating: To celebrate its 35th anniversary as an independent, advisory focused and privately held investment bank, Matrix Capital Markets Group is hosting a party this year for its employees and spouses. During the party, the company will recognize the client relationships it has formed over the years. It will reflect on its advisory services capabilities from the past four decades, including capital raises of debt and equity, company sales, corporate carveouts, management buyouts, recapitalizations and valuations. Matrix also will focus on its clients’ wide array of industries and specialties, and the ways in which it’s adapted to serve their needs.

What they’re saying: “Our advice, closed transactions and quality work have had a direct correlation on our company’s ability to grow,” states Spencer Cavalier, president of Matrix and co-head of the downstream energy and convenience retail investment banking group. “Our employees are very passionate about serving our clients and helping them achieve their goals. This dedication to excellence is the primary reason for our long-term success.”

Logo: Metsa

Metsa Tanks

Specialty: Propane tanks
Anniversary: 40th

How they’re celebrating: On April 28, Metsa will celebrate its 40th anniversary by hosting a banquet for current and retired employees. Employees will enjoy a carne asada (beef) cookout in honor of the company’s Monterrey, Mexico, roots. The cookout will enable employees to reflect on the past four decades and the company’s commitment to serving the propane industry but also focus on the present and future. The company is expanding its facilities and production capacities and increasing its employee count from 160 to 350. “We’re striving to continue to grow our offerings to ensure that our customers, who are based throughout the United States, are taken care of,” says Robert Kenney, CEO.

What they’re saying: “Metsa is a family-owned company, and we wouldn’t have been able to achieve our goals without our ownership’s unwavering support,” Kenney adds. “We’re also a people-oriented company and recognize that our continued progress throughout these past decades couldn’t have occurred without our highly valued employees, vendors and customers.”

Smith Precision Products specializes in liquefied gas transfer. (Photo courtesy of Smith Precision Products)

Smith Precision Products specializes in liquefied gas transfer. (Photo courtesy of Smith Precision Products)

Logo: Smith Precision Products

Smith Precision Products

Specialty: Positive displacement pumps and accessories
Anniversary: 85th

Photo courtesy of Smith Precision Products

Photo courtesy of Smith Precision Products

How they’re celebrating: In 1938, Reuben Stanley Smith, an inventor who filed more than 60 patents, founded Smith Precision Products. Aside from the company that maintains his last name, Smith is renowned for inventions like the Smith meter, which is still used in the refined fuel industry, and the “mechanical marvel” car assembly line, an automated system that once was capable of creating 10,000 automobile frames daily. To celebrate Smith’s achievements, along with the company’s growth (as it has acquired a worldwide distribution network and compliance credentials), employees will come together at events throughout the year.

What they’re saying: “It’s very unique to have a company operated by the same family over four generations,” says C.J. Smith, Reuben’s great grandson, who serves as vice president.

“By reaching this milestone, as a fourth-generation, family-owned company, we’re motivated to continue our family’s legacy, as we have some very large shoes to fill,” Smith adds. “We’re very grateful for our customers, end users, staff and suppliers for their loyalty over the years.”

Logo: Tarantin Industries

Tarantin Industries

Specialty: Wholesale equipment distribution
Anniversary: 40th

How they’re celebrating: Tarantin Industries is branding its marketing materials and outgoing order boxes with a logo designed for the anniversary. In addition, the company will host a picnic on May 25 at its New Jersey location to celebrate its customers and vendors. The focus is also on its goals – “looking forward to supporting the propane industry for many more years,” according to Gregory Ciano, marketing manager.

What they’re saying: “We remain a family-run business, as Tom and Rich Tarantin continue to carry on the values and traditions set forth by their father, John,” Ciano says. “Tom and Rich always want to do what’s best for their customers. It’s important to provide great products, but it’s even more important to provide the best customer service possible.”

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