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Bill Stomp

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Bill Stomp is vice president of business development for Digital Dispatcher. He can be reached at

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Mobile devices advantageous for delivery companies Posted on 02 Dec 2016 in the Current Issue categories.

Today’s smartphones and tablets give propane delivery companies what they need. Read more»

8 must-have mobile features for propane mobile applications Posted on 02 Sep 2016 in the Current Issue categories.

There are many ways mobile applications benefit the propane delivery business, along with eight specific features that are indispensable for success. Read more»

Mobile devices bring propane delivery businesses into a new era Posted on 18 Aug 2016 in the Blue Flame Blog categories.

The propane delivery business focuses on one type of fuel but risks depriving its workers of another source of energy: real-time communication Read more»

Mobile technology delivers three S’s for the propane industry Posted on 26 May 2016 in the Blue Flame Blog categories.

If you seek to understand the present – and the future – of mobile technology, look to the three S’s of the propane delivery business: safety, speed and savings. Envision... Read more»

Building a business model that embraces new technology Posted on 05 Apr 2016 in the Current Issue categories.

A lean business is not a mean one, as if one causes the other. In the language of sports and the locker room, a professional athlete must be lean. He... Read more»

Technology transforms propane delivery companies into lean and nimble operations Posted on 09 Dec 2015 in the Blue Flame Blog categories.

Leanness is not just a goal for athletes and personal trainers; it is a metaphor for the propane delivery business of today, strengthened by technology and streamlined by increased efficiency.... Read more»

Go to battle in business with a smartphone, not that ruggedized accessory Posted on 17 Sep 2015 in the Blue Flame Blog categories.

Technology is a necessity for the propane and fuel oil delivery business. It is indispensable for the energy industry, period; as if drivers, dispatchers, owners and customers do not already... Read more»

Mobile applications for the propane industry: Separating friend from foe Posted on 19 Feb 2015 in the Blue Flame Blog categories.

Technology is the great enabler – and the powerful enemy – of the propane industry. This paradox is the result of a divide between the many ways this industry can use mobile devices to... Read more»

The office of tomorrow: How technology is changing the propane delivery business today Posted on 17 Jun 2014 in the Current Issue categories.

In an industry removed from breaking news about technology and mobile communications, some of the most significant changes – caused by or created with technology – exist in the propane... Read more»