Bergquist carries MEC internal pressure relief valves

July 26, 2023 By    

Bergquist Inc. now provides CO2 full internal pressure relief valves in partnership with Marshall Excelsior Co. (MEC). The 3-in. valves, the first product under the CO2 category Bergquist has offered, are primarily designed for mobile transport CO2 service applications, and are National Board tested and ASME-UV certified. The relief valves incorporate a custom flange configuration designed to be installed into inline piping between two ASME/ANSI Class 300 pipe flanges. The captured design prevents damage to the pressure relief valve in over-the-road applications by ensuring all working components are fully enclosed within the piping system. Features include a stainless-steel makeup internally and externally; durable hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber seals; large seating surface featuring a double O-ring design; and custom set pressure available between 300-350 psi.

Photo courtesy of MEC _ Bergquist Inc.

Photo courtesy of MEC

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