Brochure lists propane system winter safety tips for high snowfall areas

February 10, 2012 By    

A new brochure from PERC, “Essential Propane Safety Information for High Snowfall Areas,” shows homeowners how they can help keep their propane system running smoothly and keep their house warm when snow piles up. The brochure provides concise directions on what to do before, during and after a major snowstorm — steps like marking tanks and regulators, keeping enough propane in the tank, and brushing snow and ice away from propane equipment. It also advises owners of homes that may be unoccupied during snowstorms to designate a responsible party, such as a property manager or a snow removal service, to monitor the propane system regularly while they are away. The brochure comes in two online versions. The first is a print-ready file that a professional printer would use. The second version is a website-ready file designed for homeowners who want to read it online or print it at home. Propane marketers and property managers may want to add the second version of the brochure to company websites and send it to customers by email, PERC suggests. Visit

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