Cavagna Group ultrasonic meter has no mechanical parts

November 21, 2018 By    
Photo courtesy of Cavanga

Photo courtesy of Cavanga

The Cavagna Group’s Prodigi4 Ultrasonic Smart Meter (G2.5-G4) uses an ultrasonic sensor with no mechanical parts, meaning it will not suffer from performance degradation. The Prodigi4 meter can send information using RF, GSM and ISM technology. The meter allows gas companies to manage their networks efficiently, while at the same time letting them be more transparent with their customers, the company says. The meter’s main features include an ultrasonic flow sensor, stainless steel body and step-motor valve for remote control and gas shutoff. It allows for smart billing or smart prepayment, and it has a simple user interface, Cavagna says. The communication battery can be replaced through the front cover and an earthquake sensor can be included as an optional feature.

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