Cellular system monitors variety of tanks

March 11, 2011 By    

Independent Technologies’ WESROC cellular monitoring assures customers a seamless addition to all WESROC monitoring systems they have in place – with the same reports, alerts, customer and tech support. The WESROC cellular remote tank monitor’s industrial design is suited for maximum features and long service life. The operating temperature range is from -40° F to +140° F. Its cellular transmitter can accurately monitor all types of tanks (vertical, horizontal, below ground, bulk supply, etc.). The units are compatible with all Rochester and Taylor float gauges. The high-capacity battery has a useful life of five to 10 years, even with daily reporting. High tank sample rate (one a minute for 1,440 samples per day) enables instant event reporting. The monitoring system features numerous reporting solutions, such as temperature monitoring, generator alarms, pressure alarms, meter reading and loss of commercial power, among others. The system also works with multiple manufacturers’ radar, ultrasonic and sonar gauge systems.

For more information, visit www.independenttech.com.

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