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Changes made to hazardous materials business plan law

November 3, 2011 By    

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation that includes a provision requiring hazardous materials business plans for California companies that are using or storing less than 500 gallons of propane “for the sole purpose of cooking, heating the employee work areas and heating water within that business,” according to the Western Propane Gas Association. Previously, any business with more than 250 gallons under these circumstances were required to maintain a hazardous materials business plan. This law takes effect immediately, the association noted. The association asked members to communicate two key points to customers about the law. Customers that have 500 gallons or less of propane stored at their location and are only using it to heat or cook employee work areas do not have to prepare a hazardous materials business plan “unless the administering agency,” such as the fire department or CUPA/environmental health, finds reason for one. Secondly, if a customer had been maintaining a hazardous materials business plan only for propane but is now under the 500-gallon threshold, it should continue to keep the plan on file but is not required to update it unless notified to do so by the administering agency.

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