Combustible gas leak detector displays in PPM, LEL

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SensitSensit Technologies’ HXG-2d combustible gas leak detector detects and locates propane, natural gas and other combustible gas leaks. The company says the tool incorporates a low-power semiconductor sensor to measure a variety of combustible gases in the parts per million (PPM) and lower explosive limit (LEL) percent range. The PPM readings auto-range to LEL percentage when the concentration exceeds 990 PPM. An on-demand back light helps users in low-light environments. A user-activated tick control assists in locating small gas leaks. Audible and visual alarms warn the user of hazards. Alarms can be set in PPM or LEL modes, according to the company. The unit has received ATEX compliance certification, which allows the product to be used in Europe and countries that require the certification. It also has UL certification.

Photo: Sensit Technologies



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