Compressor system enables full evacuation from rail cars

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Corken developed a propane unloading compressor system designed to fully evacuate propane from rail cars during offloading. The Propane Miser is a PLC-controlled, two-stage compressor system that overcomes vapor pressure during the final stage of a transfer. This system safely and quickly achieves evacuation as low as 0 psig, allowing terminal operators to evacuate up to about 500 additional gallons of propane per rail car and save up to $3.5 million over the system’s lifetime, says Corken. Operators can also optimize the Propane Miser to evacuate faster, deeper or both depending on operational circumstances. The Propane Miser includes a touch-screen interface and all necessary safety controls and equipment, says the company.

Photo courtesy of Corken _ compressor system

Photo courtesy of Corken

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