Compressor systems designed for low wear

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Parafour Innovation’s P4-Eco-Air and P4-Eco-Air-Lite self-contained compressor systems offer autogas station operators, bulk plants and distribution centers a way to operate pneumatic controls with little or no maintenance, and no ongoing cost of consumables like compressed nitrogen or tank pressure propane vapor, according to the company. Available as either a computer-controlled, maintenance-free model or a mechanical, minimal-maintenance model, the Eco-Air provides high uptime and reliability in temperatures ranging from minus 45 degrees C to 55 degrees C, regardless of humidity, says Parafour. An oil-free, 100 percent duty cycle military-specification compressor reduces the need for compressor maintenance. While severe conditions may necessitate some basic maintenance, the compressor is designed for low wear, says Parafour.

Photo courtesy of Parafour Innovations _ compressor systems

Photo courtesy of Parafour Innovations

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