Corn growers urged to make propane purchasing decisions earlier

June 26, 2014 By    

Even though harvest season is months away, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) is encouraging farmers to plan ahead for their propane needs this fall and winter.

“It’s absolutely essential that farmers plan ahead for their propane needs,” says Ryan Buck, MCGA president, in a press release. “There’s a good chance that the days of having propane delivered as you need it during harvest – something farmers had been used to before last year – are over for the foreseeable future.”

Buck adds that farmers should be ready for another shortage and plan accordingly.

“As best you can, address your anticipated propane needs for the fall harvest right now,” he says. “I know that’s difficult since we have no idea how wet this year’s crop will be, but we need to be thinking about it.”

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