Degree Days Consulting launches to support propane retailers

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Please Fill Out The Following Fields.Aimee LaBrake Allen, a leadership and growth consultant, founded Degree Days Consulting.

Degree Days Consulting provides training, coaching and consulting services to retail propane and heating oil marketers.

“Spending the last 10 years working with retail propane and heating oil marketers, I’ve seen a lack of specialized resources in the industry to help develop leadership and soft skills, as well as overall business growth,” Allen says. “COVID-19 has also created additional challenges with propane and oil marketers having to shift to remote and flexible work, which has increased the need for tools and resources to help them lead and navigate.”

Headshot: Aimee LaBrake Allen


Allen has more than 15 years of experience working with clients on marketing and growth strategies; facilitating leadership, communication and management training; speaking; and providing coaching.

“Degree Days Consulting combines knowledge from working with retail propane and oil marketers with expertise in consulting, training and coaching to bring it to those who want a team who understands their specific industry,” Allen says. “Our goal is to help marketers build strategies for winning cultures by providing expert personal and professional development training, leadership coaching and growth consulting.”

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