Dual second-stage regulator complies with UL-144

September 22, 2021 By    

Cavagna North America’s DSS7 dual second-stage regulator is the newest regulator to be produced with both overpressure and underpressure protection per UL-144 standards, according to the company. It will be used for domestic or small commercial applications with a maximum inlet pressure of 30 psi and Btu capacity above 2 million, depending on the version. It is offered in both 11-in. WC and 2 psi outlet pressure, with a 0.75-in. inlet connection, 0.75-in. and 1-in. outlet connections, as well as in-line and 90-degree angle versions. The safety device will close off the gas flow when activated and can only be reset manually.

Photo courtesy of Cavagna North America_ dual second-stage regulator

Photo courtesy of Cavagna North America

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