EAB insights: Takeaways from this past winter

April 11, 2018 By    

What was your biggest takeaway from this past winter?


Dale Delay

President, Cost Management Solutions
Livingston, Texas

“The winter of 2017-18 showed the impact of exports. On Jan. 10, a day that saw one of the biggest propane draws in U.S. history of 6.3 million barrels, prices at Mont Belvieu dropped nearly 5 cents. The impact of exports has changed the basics of supply and demand for
the U.S. marketer.”

Patrick Hyland

Director of Industry Communications, PERC
Cleveland, Ohio

“After successive warm winters that tested the mettle of many marketers, a long, cold stretch finally arrived across most states to start the new year. Hopefully the challenges it brought provided lasting lessons about managing supply, promoting early fills and reliably delivering propane despite winter’s fury.”

Greg Noll

Executive Vice President, PMAK
Topeka, Kansas

“Many times I have stated that every propane company should ‘Have a plan or plan to fail’ regarding supply and marketing. Those companies who had a plan had an extremely good year. Those who failed to plan have been silent.”

Jim Renaldo

Director, Sales & Marketing, Renaldo Sales & Service Inc.
North Collins, New York

“Buy your propane early. Contract everything you’re going to need for October through March. Because, when the snow hits the fan like it did this year, there will be no such thing as a spot market. Oh, and buy yourself a transport. I consider those to be as essential to our business as a snow shovel. If all else fails, you’ll at least be able to dig yourself out.”

Mike Walters

Vice President, Safety & Training, Superior Energy Systems
Columbia Station, Ohio

“My biggest takeaway is yet to be seen. Today the biggest takeaway is we had a winter.”

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