Exosent Engineering bobtails, transports have low center of gravity

November 14, 2018 By    
Photo courtesy of Exosent

Exosent Engineering’s parametric design prevents rollovers. Photo courtesy of Exosent

Exosent Engineering uses a parametric design to build its bobtail and transport tanks. The tank is shaped in a way that moves the center of mass to achieve correct axle weights and maximize payload. Exosent transports are manufactured with the same parametric design to shape the load for correct axle weights. This design allows for a lower center of gravity by over a foot, which reduces the rollover risk by about 30 percent, the company reports. Additionally, the design reduces the coefficient drag and increases fuel economy by about 17 percent. The company can also install wind skirts and a cabinet around the plumbing to keep the plumbing and valves clean and increase the aerodynamics and fuel economy of the transport.

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