Filtration system supports meter life, autogas components

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The Parafour filtration system covers an operator’s LPG filtration needs with 0.75-in. and 1-in. options for autogas dispensers and cylinder fill cabinets, and 1.5-in. or 2-in. options for bulk plants and large fueling stations. Available with both 10-micron particulate filtration and water absorbing capacities, the Parafour filtration system solves the two main issues affecting meter life (whether it’s a positive displacement, piston or mass flow meter) and downstream autogas components, especially fuel pumps and fuel injectors, both vapor and liquid phase. All filters include a self-resetting filter change indicator and a bottom drain valve. The maximum allowable operating pressure for Parafour filters is 1,000 psi, and the operating temperature range is minus 40 degrees F to 225 degrees F.

Photo courtesy of Parafour Innovations _ filtration system

Photo courtesy of Parafour Innovations

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