Flanged internal valves minimize downtime

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Stainless steel flanged internal valves for bobtails, transports, storage plants and nurse tanks are coming soon from RegO. The valves fit in both full and half couplings, in-line applications and can be actuated manually, by remote cable, or by various actuator types. The stainless steel bodies increase service life even in the harshest of conditions. They do not require painting but can be if desired. A removable bonnet enables replacement as needed without disconnecting piping, minimizing downtime. Internal valves without removable bonnets still can be easily serviced as piping does not have to be disconnected to remove and repack stem. The high-flow design prevents pump cavitation and efficiency loss. Built-in excess flow valve and shear studs meet or exceed industry standards to ensure safety, according to the company.

Photo courtesy of RegO

Photo courtesy of RegO

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