Flexible gas piping suitable for propane applications

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Omega Flex, a producer of flexible metallic piping products, offers the CounterStrike CSST piping for commercial, industrial and residential natural gas and LP gas applications. The flexible gas piping is resistant to lightning and seismic activity and is compliant with fuel gas codes in all 50 states, according to the company. Omega Flex also provides an AutoSnap fitting for CounterStrike piping. In addition, the company launched an educational website that contains information about the benefits of CounterStrike CSST for natural gas and LP gas appliances; MediTrac CMT for medical gas and vacuum in health care; and DoubleTrac for diesel-, gasoline- and biofuel-powered equipment. The website features four new-build case studies for CounterStrike, TracPipe PS-II, MediTrac and DoubleTrac.

Photo courtesy of Omega Flex

Photo courtesy of Omega Flex

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