Gas heat pumps from Anesi now available in North America

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Stone Mountain Technologies, a manufacturer of thermally driven heat pump systems, has made its Anesi branded heating products for residential and commercial customers available to the North American market. Anesi gas heat pumps are air-to-water heat pumps that use natural gas, propane or renewable gas as the primary fuel source. They use up to 50 percent less fuel and work at efficiencies well above 100 percent, even in below-zero temperatures, according to the company. The Anesi gas heat pump and all refrigerants, combustion processes and venting are located outside. Only a warm water and food-grade glycol mixture enters the home through standard PEX or copper piping. The natural refrigerant is environmentally friendly, will not harm the ozone layer and will not break down into lifetime chemicals, the company says.

Image: Stone Mountain Technologies

Image: Stone Mountain Technologies

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