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Welcome to HR Solutions. I am excited to be a part of LP Gas magazine’s new monthly segment.

Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. I haven’t always been in the propane industry. I just happened to marry into it. My background is 20-plus years in human resources/operations roles in various industries. I began my own practice in 2009 and have had the pleasure to work with many diverse business leaders and CEOs from big and small companies. It’s been an enjoyable journey, and I have lots of stories to share about what keeps a business owner up at night.

My role as general manager at our propane company – San Isabel Services Propane in Pueblo West, Colorado – is constantly changing and evolving. Introducing HR business systems and accountability has made the company more well-rounded and has increased compliance and awareness for our entire team. As I introduce leadership initiatives and business systems, I make sure the team is involved and can understand what we are doing to make the business better.

As I think about engaging you, the readers, I want you to walk away with something to which you can relate.

Here is one thing I have seen in many companies, and this actually happened to me in my first HR job: I was promoted into the HR position because I was a hard worker and my boss thought I had what it took to get the people practices implemented in the company.

Human resources is not typically a position that is thought about as a critical role in a company. The typical scenario is we designate someone who seems capable to handle the HR duties. For instance:

  • Finding new employees
  • New-hire paperwork
  • Company orientation
  • Medical insurance paperwork
  • Safety compliance (DOT)
  • Payroll

OK, you get it. Really, your “HR in charge” employee is completing busy work, but is your business really growing and making the headway you would like? HR is all about people, and it can be a partner in your business and help solve the problems that affect your bottom line. That’s how I plan to contribute here: bringing those solutions to light and sharing ideas that you can consider for your business.

Now, here’s a great scenario: Maybe your HR person really likes the HR tasks and wants to learn more. Your local college would be a great place for them to take classes and achieve a certification. It’s an investment in your business.

Ask Cathy Wallace of San Isabel Services Propane in Pueblo West, Colorado, about employee-related issues. Contact her at or 720-252-1110.

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