Green LG Energy, BioLPG increase funding for renewable propane technology

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Green LG Energy (GLGE), based in Milan, and BioLPG LLC of Washington, D.C., signed an agreement that increases funding for further development of the GTI Energy renewables-sourced, green LPG (“bioLPG”) Cool LPG technology and for preparation of bioLPG production at scale within the next few years.

GLGE, a joint venture for the development of new technologies for the production and distribution of LPG derived from renewable sources, was established in July 2022 in Milan. It was founded by Agn Energia, Beyfin, Cavagna Group, Gruppo Socogas and Veroniki Holding/Butangas.

GLGE has a near-term goal of contributing to decarbonization of Italian and European sourcing of LPG.

“We at GLGE recognize that production of affordable, green bioLPG at scale must be achieved as soon as possible to serve energy needs while reducing emissions in line with ambitious targets being set globally,” says Francesco Franchi, chairman and managing director of GLGE. “Our collaboration with BioLPG LLC and with GTI Energy is clear evidence of our commitment to that goal.”

BioLPG LLC and its U.N.-backed, nongovernmental organization affiliate, The Global LPG Partnership, have received an exclusive global license from GTI Energy to bring to market the GTI Energy Cool LPG technology that converts biogas into bioLPG, a 100 percent renewable liquid fuel for cooking, heating and transportation.

“Our Cool LPG work with GTI Energy and GLGE has great potential to provide bioLPG needed for world progress toward zero emissions by 2050,” says Kimball Chen, BioLPG LLC chairman and former president of the LPG industry global association.

GTI Energy, a technology research organization, works with a global spectrum of partners to develop, scale and deploy energy solutions that improve lives, economies and the environment.

“The Cool LPG project exemplifies how, through collaboration, the expertise of the GTI Energy team can deliver impactful innovations, says Paula Gant, GTI’s President and CEO. “We are thrilled to take essential steps with GLGE and BioLPG LLC toward the promise of a low-cost, low-carbon energy future.”

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