Hendrix propane mower conversion kits now EPA certified

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hendrixHendrix Progressive Fuel Technologies is now offering propane conversion kits that are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified for nine Kawasaki engines in three block sizes commonly used on commercial lawn mowers.

The engines are:
• 852cc – FX-751V/FX-801V/FX850V
• 726cc – FX730V/FX691V /FX651V
• 603cc – FS481V/FS541V/FS600V

Each kit includes a detailed installation manual with instruction on adjusting the engine idle, as well as the fuel mixture, to EPA performance specifications. The idle fuel-mixture adjustment is performed using an exhaust gas analyzer that measures the engine’s carbon monoxide (CO) levels. A CO gas analyzer is available from the company. Onsite training and phone support are also available.

The propane conversion kits are designed for geographic elevations ranging from sea level to 2,500 feet and from 2,500 feet to 5,000 feet to optimize engine performance for a specific location.

According to the company, lawn care professionals and propane marketers have been requesting EPA-certified conversion kits for commercial lawn mowers. Propane engine conversions kits that are EPA certified are eligible for incentives through the Propane Education & Research Council, state propane associations and other organizations. Visit www.poweredbypropane.org.

Hendrix, based in Wauconda, Ill., joins EnviroGard and Metro Lawn as having the only certified propane mower conversion kits available on the market. The company also designs and builds propane conversion systems for industrial trucks, forklifts, generators, man lifts, construction equipment and other machinery.

Photo: Hendrix Progressive Fuel Technologies

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