Hiab transforms propane industry with new propane tank clamp

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Hiab USA introduced a hydraulic-controlled tank clamp attachment for the MOFFETT truck mounted forklift, allowing the transport of bulk propane tanks up to 1,000 gallons. With a set of arms over the tank and a set of forks below, the load is secure and allows a single operator handling process. The attachment also includes port relief valves, preventing damage during transport. Designed to be multi-functional, the tank clamp will not interfere with traditional forks, so palletized goods can be transported. With a lift capacity up to 4,500 pounds, there is no negative impact on the load.

When combined with the MOFFETT, a reliable delivery and installation can be achieved every time. With its all-wheel-drive system and customizable features and options, the MOFFETT is able to navigate all terrain types, including mud, snow, sand, etc. It also has a smaller footprint than traditional methods and provides a greater access ability but still provides enough payload to complete daily operations. The MOFFETT transport truck can park anywhere with a solid surface, and the MOFFETT can be used to transport/install the tank, providing an added level of convenience and efficiency to driving a truck back to the delivery site.

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