Koppy’s Propane opening rail terminal

September 8, 2016 By    
Koppy's Propane plans to launch its terminal this fall in Porter's Township, Pennsylvania. Photo courtesy of Koppy's Propane.

Koppy’s Propane plans to open its rail terminal this fall. Photo courtesy of Koppy’s Propane.

Koppy’s Propane Inc. plans to open a propane rail terminal by late October or early November in Porter Township, Pennsylvania.

The new terminal in central Pennsylvania will feature six 60,000-gallon storage tanks, eight railcar-unloading stations and three transport loading stations, says David Koppenhaver, president of Koppy’s Propane. Each railcar can hold about 30,000 gallons.

Koppenhaver pursued the terminal development after Koppy’s Propane experienced some issues with supply during the 2013-14 winter heating season. The permitting and zoning process hasn’t been easy, he says, but the terminal’s construction is now nearing completion.

“Getting the permits was the longest part of this process, but we hung in there and got through it,” Koppenhaver says. “We’re almost home with it. This will give us a better handle on our supply situation. This past winter wasn’t difficult, but who knows when we’ll have another extremely cold winter.”

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