Leak test kits designed to reduce excess emissions

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As part of RegO’s “Ready-to-Go” line of tank valves and fittings, Presto-Tap system leak test kits are designed for use with minimal training, and require no special tools so service personnel can quickly and accurately perform mandated NFPA leak detection testing, according to the company. RegO provides an online calculator to project the savings available through use of the Presto-Tap system and RegO “Ready-to-Go” valves, factoring in the cost of technicians’ time, service call expenses and the cost of excess LPG emissions. Testing can be done after tank pressure has been reduced to approximately 10 psi by the first-stage regulator using an LDS2000RV fitting installed in the downstream side pressure port of the first-stage regulator; or before the second-stage regulator using a Presto-Tap LDS2000RV installed in the inlet side of the second-stage regulator.

Photo courtesy of RegO

Photo courtesy of RegO

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