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Nobody has to tell propane marketers that today’s business climate is far more complex than a generation ago.

Patrick Hyland
Patrick Hyland

Their fathers and grandfathers established and proudly ran the family business with little concept of computers, fuel cells, market pricing tools, satellite communications, nationwide advertising campaigns or fluctuations in world supply. Back in their day, it was enough to work diligently at providing customers the most dependable service possible.

It’s not that way any more. With traditional markets more mature and emerging markets more competitive than ever, today’s technological challenges have never been more demanding. That’s why keeping up with the latest developments has never been more vital to every marketer’s success.

With this year’s World LP Gas Forum being held Oct. 17-20 in Chicago, propane industry members have a rare opportunity to learn about global developments without the expense of international travel.

More than 60 speakers will talk about global trends, best industry practices and innovative new technologies during the traditional Forum program and, for the first time, the Global Technology Conference. Topics include global and regional outlook for propane, opportunities in the Americas, partnerships for motor fuel growth, developing markets, distributed power generation, new residential and commercial uses of propane, agricultural applications, new automotive technologies and fuel quality.

Equipment, products and services from some 50 leading international companies and organizations will be on exhibit under the same roof.

Event organizers are expecting more than 700 propane industry professionals from all corners of the globe. It’s an ideal atmosphere to foster networking and make inroads for future business.

Veteran marketers often say they miss the simplicity of doing business the old way. But today’s fast-changing, increasingly globalized economy requires an expanded vision of propane’s business opportunities and challenges in the decades ahead.

Having attended the last Forum held in the United States in 2000, I can say this event offers the greatest chance for propane professionals to learn, share ideas and gain insights from industry leaders worldwide. It’s an experience well worth the investment.

For more information or to register online, you can visit the event website at www.wlpgasforum2006.com.

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