2008 Propane Suppliers Guide

November 1, 2008 By    

Alternative Fuels Inc.

P.O. Box 555

Milford, OH 45150

Phone: 800-733-3061

Fax: 513-722-2741

E-mail: alternativefuels@cinci.rr.com

Web site: www.propanefirst.com

Date founded: 1994

Owner: Tracey Edwards

Service area: Northeast

Storage: Mont Belvieu

Pipelines: TET

Supply points: Woodhaven, MI; Toledo, OH; Green Springs, OH; Lima, OH; Marysville, MI; Sarnia, Ontario, Canada; St. Clair, MI; Siloam, KY; Catlettsburg, KY

Contracts: Fixed price, hedges, pre-buys, strip pricing, annual term and spot

Management: Tracey Edwards, president (513-382-0150); Mark Robison, vice president (800-733-3061); Cathy Epperhart, contract/inventory administrator (800-733-3061)

Sales reps: Jim Teegardin (888-321-3835), Melissa Chorpenning (260-302-6028)

AmeriGas Propane

13105 Northwest Freeway, Suite 500

Houston, TX 77040

Phone: 281-552-4011

Fax: 281-552-4905

E-mail: bartels@amerigas.com

Corporate address: P.O. Box 965

Valley Forge, PA 19482

Phone: 610-337-7000

Fax: 610-768-7694

Web site: www.amerigas.com

Service area: Entire U.S.

Supply points: Numerous locations

Railcars: Yes

Transports: Yes

Terminals: 8 rail

Import terminals: 1 – San Pedro, CA (281-552-4019); 2 – 280,000 mb refrigerated surface storage tanks

Pipelines: Major shipper on all pipelines

Contracts: Annual, spot, pre-buy

Price info line: 281-552-4001

Price line e-mail: wholesale@amerigas.com

Management: David Lugar, vice president of supply and logistics (281-552-4056); Russell Bartels, director of wholesale supply (281-552-4011); Anita Walth, manager of wholesale supply (281-552-4001); Byron Fortune, director of transportation operations (281-552-4024).

Sales reps: Jamie Bakondy, West (Houston, TX – 800-448-4888); Don Rich, Southeast (Pinehurst, NC – 888-225-4486); Jennifer Lewis, Northeast (Houston, TX – 800-453-0121); Mike Turner, Midwest (Springfield, IL – 800-243-4427); Denny Kendall, Great Lakes (Cincinnati, OH – 800-935-7427)

Customer service: Kevin Arcieri, Northeast (877-817-5233); Debora Wollgast, Midwest (800-398-1378); Dawn McKelvain, Southeast (800-246-1939); Gracie Castro-Rizo, West (877-817-5100); Katie Ticheli, Great Lakes (800-955-9101)

Atlantic Energy Inc.

2901 South Military Highway

Chesapeake, VA 23323

Phone: 757-485-1018

Fax: 757-487-5084

E-mail: hhanger@ugies.com

Date founded: 1973

Owner: UGI Energy Services

Propane retailer accounts: 36

States serviced: 2

Service area: Southeast

Import terminals: 1 – Chesapeake, VA (757-485-1018)

Storage: 476,000 bbls – Chesapeake, VA (757-485-1018)

Contracts: Annual, differential based, fixed, posted, pre-buy, spot

Price info line: 804-790-9149

Management: Kevin Grey, terminal manager (757-425-2615)

Sales reps: Harry Hanger, manager, supply, risk management and marketing (804-790-9149)

CHS Inc.

5500 Cenex Drive, MS #585

Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

Phone: 800-852-8186

Fax: 651-355-8499

E-mail: john.duchscherer@chsinc.com

Web site: www.chsinc.com

Date founded: 1931

Propane retailer accounts: 720

States serviced: 42

Service areas: Midwest, Northeast, Midsouth, Southeast, Pacific Northwest

Railcars: Leased fleet

Transports: 365

Terminals: 164

Pipelines: MAPCO, Kinder Morgan, Cochin, Koch, Kaneb, TEPPCO, Dixie

Contracts: Fixed forward physical, OTC, financial contracts, index contracts, online contract management via propane control room

Price info line: www.chsinc.com ; North office: 800-547-3835 ext. 2; South office: 800-475-5678

Management: Darin Hunhoff, vice president, propane operations; Monte Rockow, director of supply; Jason Schwantz, director of sales – west; Steve Secory, director of sales – east

Sales reps: Western Area: Alan Groene (Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming); Ben Haselbauer (North Dakota, South Dakota); Ron Jessen (Wisconsin); Matt Kumm (Minnesota); Jeff LaPan (Iowa, Nebraska);

Eastern Area: Chad Furuseth (New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Kentucky); Jay Reinking (Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico), DJ Williams (Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida)


600 North Dairy Ashford

Houston, TX 77079

Phone: 800-423-4636

Fax: 281-293-4452

Web site: www.propane.conocophillips.com

Date founded: 1875

States serviced: 50

Service area: All U.S. and 49 countries

Railcars: 2,300

Terminals: 74

Pipelines: TEPPCO, Dixie, Kaneb, MAPCO, Borger-Denver, Cherokee

Supply points: Bayway, NJ; Wood River, IL; Ponca City, OK; Billings, MT; Ferndale, WA

Contracts: Posted, pre-buy, spot, etc.

Management: Michael Schwartje, manager, propane marketing (281-293-1033)

Sales reps: Eric Brandt, Mid-Continent and Ohio Valley, (866-839-7145); Joe Gump, Northeast Refineries, (800-432-9365); Owen Stillings, Southwest, (281-293-3416); George Lipford, Southeast, (800-338-0232); Steve Merveldt, Western Plains, (888-481-9909); Kym Griffith, Pacific Northwest and Canada (403-233-4177)

DCP Midstream/Gas Supply Resources LLC

5718 Westheimer, Suite 2000

Houston, TX 77057

Phone: 713-735-3600

Fax: 713-735-3106

E-mail: rmpaul@dcpmidstream.com

Web site: www.dcpmidstream.com

Service area: Entire U.S.

Railcars: Yes

Transports: Yes

Terminals: 17

Import terminal: 1 (Providence, RI)

Pipelines: TEPPCO

Supply points: Albany, NY; Auburn, ME; Bangor, ME; Berlin, VT; Ft. Lupton, CO; Greeley, CO; Gulf Plains, TX; Jameson, TX; La Gloria, TX; Midland, PA; Ozona, TX; Roggen, CO; Sonora, TX; Wilcox, TX; York, PA

Contracts: Various

Management: Rick Paul, vice president (713-735-3739); John Pratt, director (800-807-7288); Rob Hemsworth, director (713-735-3685); Tom Knouse, director (713-735-3638)

Sales reps: Jody Ameden, Northeast (800-807-7288); Peggy Amiot, Mid-Continent (513-528-4242); Stephanie Davis, Mid-Continent (513-528-4242); Steve Heffron, Northeast (800-807-7288); Forest Herron, Mid-Continent (800-503-5455); Rick Kramer, Rockies and AR, LA, TX (713-735-3703); Joe Taylor, SW Texas (713-735-3788); Bob White, Providence (866-363-1075)

Econo-Gas Supply LLC

6120 S. Yale, #805

Tulsa, OK 74136

Phone: 918-481-1119

Fax: 918-492-0990

E-mail: info@ngl-supply.com

Web: www.nglsupplyinc.com

Date founded: 1980

Owner: NGL Supply Inc.

Propane retailer accounts: 80

States serviced: 8

Service area: Southeast

Storage: 115,000 bbls (Mt. Belvieu, Hattiesburg, Tirzah)

Pipelines: Dixie, TEPPCO

Contracts: Annual, annual index, ceiling, fixed, options, posted, pre-buy, rack, spot

Management: Stan Bugh, vice president, wholesale marketing; Stan Perry, vice president, supply

Sales rep: Bryan Lehman (800-628-2941)

Empire Gas Co. Inc.

Box 363651

San Juan, PR 00936-3651

Phone: 787-767-2330

Fax: 787-751-9904

E-mail: ramonprs@prtc.net

Date founded: 1967

Owner: Ramón González

Propane retailer accounts: 1,000

States serviced: 1

Service area: Puerto Rico

Terminals: 5

Import terminals: 3 (Ponce, PR; Penuelas, PR; Tallaboa, PR)

Transports: 36

Storage: 30,000,000 gallons – 50 bulk plants, 4 storage terminals (marine), 3 inland terminals

Pipelines: 1

Supply points: Penuelas, PR

Contracts: Monthly

Price info line: 787-405-8383

Management: Ketty Marrero, director of management and operations

Sales reps: Xavier Gonzalez, director of sales


118 North Jackson St., P.O. Box 95

Hawkinsville, GA 31036

Phone: 478-892-3621

Fax: 478-892-2116

E-mail: garrettgas@comsouth.net

Date founded: 1983

Owner: Joel C. Garrett

Propane retailer accounts: 1,600

States serviced: 1

Service area: Georgia

Terminals: 1

Transports: 3

Storage: 60,000 gallons – Hawkinsville, GA (478-783-2820)

Pipelines: Dixie Pipeline

Supply points: Albany, GA

Contracts: Fixed price, pre-buy, budget billing

Price info line: 478-892-3621

Management: Joel Garrett, president; Joel A. Garrett, vice president; Dorothy B. Garrett, secretary/treasurer

Sales reps: James M. Sapp, James L. Jackson, Wanda Robertson

Garvin Hardware & LP Gas

109 N. Vine St.

West Union, IA 52175

Phone: 563-422-3671

Date founded: 1946

Owner: Jack Garvin

Propane retailer accounts: 920

States serviced: 1

Service area: Northeast Iowa

Storage: 150,000 bbls (West Union, IA)

Supply points: New Hampton, IA; Iowa City, IA; Coralville, IA

Contracts: Pre-pay, 10 cents down

Price info line: 800-632-2324

Management: Noel Garvin (563-422-3671)

Global Gas Inc.

383 Inverness Parkway, Suite 100

Englewood, CO 80112

Phone: 303-790-2661

Fax: 303-790-2664

E-mail: generalinfo@globalgas.com

Web site: www.globalgas.com

Date founded: 1989

Owner: D.D. Alexander

States serviced: 21

Service area: Rockies to East Coast

Railcars: Yes

Transports: Yes

Storage: Mt. Belvieu, TX; Conway, KS

Pipelines: TEPPCO

Supply points: TEPPCO Pipeline; Linden, NJ; Port Reading, NJ; Westville, NJ; Paulsboro, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Marcus Hook, PA; Delaware City, DE; Newington, NH; Conway, KS.; El Dorado, KS; Montreal, Canada

Contracts: Annual supply, spot, pre-buy, fixed pricing, differential-based pricing

Management: D.D. Alexander, president (303-790-2661); David Collins, vice president, Northeast sales (518-692-0297); Kari Wright, customer billing/accounts receivable

Sales reps: Patricia Moton, sales representative (303-790-2661)

Growmark Inc.

1701 Towanda Ave.

Bloomington, IL 61702

Phone: 309-557-6000

Fax: 309-829-8532

E-mail: contactus@growmark.com

Web site: www.growmark.com

Date founded: 1927

Owner: Farmer Cooperative

Propane retailer accounts: 130

States serviced: 13

Service area: Midwest

Transports: 225

Pipelines: Teppco, Oneok North, Mapco, Nustar, Cochin

Supply points: Bushton, KS; Calvert City, KY; Cantril, IA; Clay Center, KS; Clear Lake, IA; Conway, KS; Coralville, IA; Coshocton, OH; Crandon, WI; Des Moines, IA; Dubuque, IA; E.S. Louis, IL; Farmington, IL; Geneva, NE; Green Springs, OH; Greenwood, NE; Griffith, IN; Hartford, IL; Huntington, IN; Iowa City, IA; Janesville, WI; Jefferson City, MO; Junction City, WI; Kearney, MO; Lebanon, IN; Lemont, IL; Lima, OH; Mankato, MN; Marysville, MI; Milford, IN; Moberly, MO; Monee, IL; Morris, IL; N. Platte, NE; New Hampton, IA; Ogden, IA; Owen, WI; Pine Bend, MN; Plattsmouth, NE; Princeton, IN; Robinson, IL; Rockford, IL; Sanborn, IA; Seymour, IN; St. Clair, MI; Tampico, IL; Todhunter, OH; Toledo, OH; Tomahawk, WI; Tuscola, IL; Whiting, IA; Wolsey, SD; Wood River, IL; Woodhaven, MI; Yankton, SD

Contracts: Fixed price, forward, cash or finance, max price, OTC options

Management: Shelly Kruse, energy division manager; Chris Salrin, propane product manager

Sales reps: Marion Ertmer, propane marketing manager (309-557-6379)

Inergy LP

Two Emanuel Cleaver Blvd.

Kansas City, MO 64112

Phone: 816-842-8181

Fax: 816-842-1904

E-mail: billg@inergyservices.com

Web site: www.inergypropane.com

Date founded: 1998

Owner: Publicly traded MLP

Propane retail accounts: 300

States serviced: 36

Service area: Entire U.S.

Transports: 175

Terminals: 6 company-owned terminals

Storage: 2,625,000 (Bath, NY; Seymour, IN; Bakersfield, CA; Inkster, MI)

Pipelines: Oneok, Kaneb, Cochin, TEPPCO, Dixie

Contracts: Annual, annual index, ceiling, collars, differential based, exchanges, financial, fixed, hedging, index formulas, multi-year, options, OTC, posted, pre-buy, PTO, rack, spot, strip pricing, storage, combination structured products

Price info line: 877-446-3749

Management: Phil Elbert, president (231-599-2660); Bill Gautreaux, vice president (816-329-5328); Joe Donnell, president, L&L Transportation (260-837-7826); John Powell, director, risk services (816-842-8181)

Sales reps: Pete Rieg, manager of supply and risk marketing, East; Bryon Muchow, director of supply and risk marketing, Midwest; Tina Hoobler, MW supply and risk marketing; Delvin Higginson, Ohio Valley supply and risk marketing; Robyn Baldauf, sales coordinator; Jay Jackson, NE sales; Emily Thrasher, SE sales; Brett James, supply and marketing, Illinois; Tarah Pettijohn, sales coordinator; all can be reached at 816-842-8181

Markwest Hydrocarbon

1515 Arapahoe St.

Tower 2, Suite 700

Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 303-290-8700

Fax: 303-290-8769

Web site: www.markwest.com

Date founded: 1988

Service area: Southwest, Gulf Coast, Midwest, Northeast

Railcars: 59

Transports: 21

Terminals: 3

Supply points: Siloam, KY; Javelina refinery, Corpus Christi, TX; Houston, PA

Management: Brett Snyder, director NGL (303-925-9351); Lindsey Natale, NGL marketer (303-542-0693 – propane); Diana Finley, NGL marketer (740-852-2877 – butane/gasoline)

NGL Supply Inc.

6120 S. Yale, Suite 805

Tulsa, OK 74136

Phone: 918-481-1119

Fax: 918-492-0990

E-mail: info@ngl-supply.com

Web site: www.nglsupplyinc.com

Founded: 1967

Owner: Denham Capital

Propane retailer accounts: 750

States serviced: 29

Service area: Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, South Central

Railcars: 10

Terminals: 3

Import terminals: 1 – Gateway, St. Catharines, ON (905-735-3100)

Storage: 1.3 mm bbls (Conway, KS; Bushton, KS; Borger, TX; Mt. Belvieu, TX; Hattiesburg, MS; Harford Mills, NY; Tirzah, SC)

Pipelines: MAPCO, Oneok North, NuStar, Cochin, TEPPCO, ConocoPhillips Blue Line, Dixie

Contracts: Fixed price, indexing, hedging, financial, annual, supply, PTO and exchanges

Price info line: 800-628-2941

Management: Tulsa headquarters (918-481-1119): Stephen Tuttle, CEO; Brian Pauling, president and COO; Craig Jones, CFO; Stan Bugh, vice president, wholesale marketing; Stan Perry, vice president, supply and trading

Sales reps: Upper Midwest: Dan Post (866-332-4243) and Bryan Lehman (800-628-2941); Lower Midwest: Kay Lusnak and Beth Shiever (800-628-2941); Northeast: Hobie Decker (800-616-8505); Southeast: Bryan Lehman (800-628-2941)

Petrosol International Inc.

300 North Mullan Road, Suite 201

Spokane, WA 99206

Phone: 509-924-9610

Fax: 509-922-9982

E-mail: dave@petrosol.biz

Web site: www.petrosolinc.com

Date founded: 1974

Owner: Stan Smith

Service area: Northwest

Railcars: 6

Terminals: 6

Transports: 8

Supply points: Vancouver, WA; Puget Sound, southern Alberta, eastern Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah

Contracts: Spot, term

Management: David Smith, president; Frank Albi, transportation manager; Rachael Hanson, accounting (all 509-924-9610)

Plains Marketing, L.P.

P.O. Box 707

Yankton, SD 57078

Phone: 800-888-4810

Fax: 605-665-7958

Web site: www.pmclp.com and www.paalp.com

Date founded: 1998

Owner: Public

States serviced: 48

Service area: United States and Canada

Transports: 100-plus

Railcars: 1,500-plus

Storage: LPG locations owned: Alto, MI; Arlington, WA; Bumstead, AZ; Claremont, NH; Fort Madison, IA; Kincheloe, MI; Schaefferstown, PA; Tirzah, SC; Tulsa, OK; Shafter, CA; Washougal, WA

Pipelines: Tulsa, OK

Supply points: Locations owned: Alto, MI; Arlington, WA; Bumstead, AZ; Claremont, NH; Fort Madison, IA; Kincheloe, MI; Schaefferstown, PA; Tirzah, SC; Tulsa, OK; Shafter, CA; Washougal, WA

Gas plants owned: High Prairie, AB and Shafter, CA

Contracts: Posting, fixed price (monthly, quarterly, annual, multi-year), index formulas, financials, storage exchange

Management: John DeJean, managing director, propane U.S. (800-888-4810); Jim Rempel, director, propane east (630-357-5207); Jason Sedlacek, director, propane west (800-888-4810); Mike Peschong, director, propane southeast (757-321-6251)

Sales reps: Adam Frick, Midwest (800-888-4810); Bill Askamit, Midwest (618-473-2020); Bobbi Lowry, Rocky Mountain (720-283-6666); Cathy Jaques, Midwest (800-728-4895); Charmin Heimel, Rocky Mountain (719-269-7450); Christy Otten, Midwest (816-566-0008); Cliff Kast, Rocky Mountain/Pacific Northwest (800-650-7404); Colin Rogers, Rocky Mountain (406-388-8829); Dan Gurley, Southeast (770-442-3240); Eddie Joski, Southeast (877-714-5888); Gedis Saunoris, Northeast (905-527-2548); George Jacques, Midwest (800-728-4895); Jared Brim, Midwest (800-888-4810); Jerry Davison, Midwest (525-249-2478); Jill Stevens, Midwest (800-841-9911); Joe Bielik, East (616-956-0468); John Gross, Midwest (605-334-7091); John Kraft, Pacific Northwest (800-888-4810); John Miller, Midwest (888-819-0153); Kathy Standley, Southeast (816-781-9502); Kim Kelly, Northeast (973-377-9005); Lisa Gerwitz, Bumstead (928-775-4469); Mark O’Donnell, Midwest (800-888-4810); Paul Patterson, East (920-544-5417); Pete Miller, Midwest (888-819-0153); Phil Farris, Southeast (704-489-8787); Ron Moore, Midwest (319-363-2840); Ryan Kadelbach, Midwest (763-262-5688); Scott Adkins, Pacific Northwest (253-826-0027); Steve Chappell, California (559-284-2462); Steve Snow, Midwest (319-361-5801); Teresa Raybourn, Midwest (918-494-3695); Therese Majeski, California/Bumstead (714-637-7959); Tiffany Johnson, Midwest (866-494-1529)

Propane Resources LLC

6950 Squibb Road, Suite 306

Mission, KS 66201

Phone: 913-262-1545, 888-739-6732

Fax: 913-262-1003

E-mail: prinfo@propaneresources.com

Web site: www.propaneresources.com

Date founded: 1991

Propane retailer accounts: 800

Service area: Continental U.S. and Canada

Transports: 33

Railcars: Yes

Storage: Yes

Pipelines: Dixie, TET, MAPCO, Kinder Morgan

Supply points: All major North American supply points

Contracts: Supply management, financial and physical risk management tools, physical pre-buys, market index, physical contracts, spot volume contracts

Price info: www.propaneprice.com

Management: Marty Lerum, managing partner (888-739-6732)

Supply management consultants: Bard Black, Eastern U.S. (888-739-6732); Bob Cochlan, Northwest U.S. and Canada (403-263-7070); Allan Degenhardt, Eastern and Central U.S. (888-739-6732); Reid Simonett, Central U.S. (888-739-6732); Jeff Thompson, Eastern U.S. and Canada (888-739-6732); Pat Thornton, East Central U.S. (888-739-6732)

Rich Energy Inc.

7444 Jager Ct.

Cincinnati, OH 45230

Phone: 800-837-7140

Fax: 513-271-1490

E-mail: rich@richenergy.net

Date founded: 1991

Owner: R.A. Emery

Service area: East of Mississippi

Propane retailer accounts: 150

Pipelines: TEPPCO & Dixie

Supply points: All points on TEPPCO & Dixie pipelines as well as refineries/rail and fractionation plants

Contracts: Full service supply to include pre-buy and hedges as well as spot sales

Price info: 800-837-7140 (8 a.m.-5 p.m., EST)

Management: R.A. Emery, president (513-271-1460); Ken Hess, general manager (513-271-1460)

Sales reps: Greg Smith, South Dixie Pipeline (800-837-7140); Terry Bridewell, Penn & New York, (800-837-7140); Jack McGuire, TEPPCO Pipeline (800-837-7140); Christina Moran, Great Lakes Region (800-837-7140); Ken Hess, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois

Sea-3 Inc.

1111 Bagby, Suite 1910

Houston, TX 77002

Phone: 713-650-6520

Fax: 713-650-3504

Date founded: 1975

Owner: Transammonia

Import terminals: 2 – Newington, NH (603-436-6225) and Tampa, FL (813-546-0535)

Supply points: Newington, NH (603-431-5990) and Tampa, FL (813-241-0550)

Contracts: Annual

Management: William Cornell, president (713-650-6520); Paul Bogan, vice president, operations (603-431-5990); Mike Tracey, vice president, marketing (713-650-6520)

Sales reps: Barbara Murray, New England (603-436-6225); Vernon Krutsinger, Florida (813-546-0535)

Sea-3 of Florida Inc.

3606 Pendola Point Rd.

Tampa, FL 33619

Phone: 813-546-0535

E-mail: sea3vik@aol.com

Date founded: 1998

Owner: Transammonia

Service area: Florida

Terminals: 1

Storage: 600,000 barrels (Tampa, FL – 813-241-0550); transport loading only

Management: Kevin Wertman, terminal manager

Sales reps: Vernon Krutsinger, marketing manager

Smith Gas Liquids Co.

P.O. Box 2446

Holland, MI 49422-2446

Phone: 800-543-9110

Fax: 616-786-0840

E-mail: sales@smithgas.com

Web site: www.smithgas.com

Date founded: 1983

Owner: Steven A. Van Heck

Propane retailer accounts: 400

States serviced: 6

Service area: Midwest

Storage location: All major storage locations

Pipelines: All major Midwest pipelines

Supply points: All major Midwest pipelines and refinery terminals

Contracts: Annual term, differential based, financial, fixed, hedging, index formulas, posted, pre-buy, spot, strip pricing

Price info: 800-543-9110

Management: Steven (Steve) Van Heck, president (616-786-0001); Michael (Mike) Myszka, vice president (616-786-0001 or 800-543-9110)

Sales reps: Denise St. Louis (616-786-0001)

Superior Gas Liquids

Suite 200, 600 Crowfoot Crescent NW

Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3G 0B4

Phone: 888-849-3525

Fax: 403-283-6589

Web site: www.superiorgasliquids.com

Date founded: 1955

Owner: Superior Plus LP

Propane retailer accounts: 150

States serviced: 50

Service area: Entire U.S.

Railcars: 600

Transports: 70

Terminals: 27

Storage: 1,000,000 bbls (Edmonton, Regina, Marysville, Conway, Belvieu)

Contracts: Annual, annual index, ceiling, collars, differential based, exchanges, financial, fixed, hedging, index formulas, multi-year, NYMEX, options, OTC, posted, pre-buy, PTO, rack, spot, strip pricing, storage

Management: Todd Temple, manager of supply and trading west (403-476-0981); Scott Rurak, manager of supply and trading east (403-476-0980); Mina Iannuzzi, manager of finance (403-476-0985)

Sales reps: James Shelford, propane marketing and sales (403-476-0982); Shawn Vammen, butane/condensate marketing and sales (403-476-0988)

Superior Propane

1111 49th Ave. NE

Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 8V2

Phone: 877-873-7467 or 403-730-7500

Fax: 403-730-7517

E-mail: customerservice@superiorpropane.com

Web site: www.superiorpropane.com

Date founded: 1951

Owner: Superior Plus LP

Propane retailer accounts: Over 200,000 – all segments

Service area: All provinces across Canada

Contracts: Annual, fixed, hedging, rack, equal payment plans

Price info: 877-873-7467

Targa Resources

1000 Louisiana St., Suite 4300

Houston, TX 77002

Phone: 713-584-1000

Fax: 713-584-1520

E-mail: jgawronski@targaresources.com

Web site: www.targaresources.com

Founded: 2003

Owner: Targa Resources

Propane retailer accounts: 870

Service area: Entire U.S.

Railcars: 885

Transports: 76

Terminals: 13

Barges: 21

Import terminals: 1 – Galena Park, TX (713-584-1408)

Storage: Over 100 mm bbls

Storage location: nationwide (713-584-1418)

Price info: 713-584-1000

Management: John Gawronski, vice president, wholesale and commercial transportation (713-584-1000); David Regan, senior director (713-584-1088); Patti Grantham, director (925-866-4903); Bruce Leonard, director (817-416-7753); Mike Garcia, director (630-548-1590); Randy Hull, director (678-290-0066); Bill Daly, director (508-836-3990)

Sales reps: Christian Battle, Southeast (678-290-0066); Debbie Gerndt, Northeast (508-836-3990); Meredith Maury, Midwest (630-548-1591); John David Ickes, Southwest (817-416-7757); Tony Mello, Butanes (713-584-1125); Kate Dillion, Canada (403-213-6414); Stan Hoffman, Northeast (502-231-7227); Sandy Harrington, West (925-866-4905); Liz Follman, Southeast (813-960-1500)

Texas Liquids

300 Executive Drive, Suite 350

West Orange, NJ 07052

Phone: 973-669-8182

Fax: 973-669-4810

E-mail: info@texasliquids.com

Web site: www.texasliquids.com

Date founded: 1982

Owner: Texas Liquids Partners, LLC

Propane wholesale accounts 625

States serviced: 23

Service area: East of the Mississippi

Pipelines: TEPPCO and Dixie

Supply points: All major refineries, various rail terminals and major supply points throughout Canada

Contracts: Volume, pre-buy, financial options and futures

Management: Bill Hoatson, CEO and general counsel; Steve Montovano, COO; and Jim Neumann, vice president, operations; Kurt Kowars, vice president, financial risk management products (all at 800-882-8986)

Sales reps: John Bienkowski (800-452-1272); Pete Geels (800-352-5779); Ron Burns (866-529-1621); Denny Frey (877-316-1305); Jason Walter (800-410-4427); Bill Connallon (877-895-2455); John Lorgan (866-229-1075); Nick DiRisio (585-343-6555)

United Pacific Energy

2995 Skyline Blvd.

Reno, NV 89509

Phone: 800-726-5747

Fax: 888-689-3155

E-mail: dispatch@unitedpacificenergy.com

Web site: www.unitedpacificenergy.com

Date founded: 1989

Owner: Corporation

Propane retailer accounts: 72

States serviced: 4

Service area: Southwest

Transports: Common carriers

Terminals: 1

Storage: 20,000 bbls (Fairfield, CA – 800-726-5747)

Supply points: Various points within California, Arizona and New Mexico

Contracts: Annual, annual index, ceiling, exchanges, fixed, hedging, multi-year, posted, pre-buy, rack, spot, storage

Price info: 800-726-5747

Management: David Humphreys, president; James W. Weaver, vice president; Sherie Werner, comptroller-CFO; Sharon Paulson, dispatch (800-726-5747)

Sales reps: Theresa Smith, wholesale marketing, Northern California (877-873-1075)

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