LPG Spotlight: American Cylinder Exchange (ACX)/Rhine LLC

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Photo by Mike Gioffre

American Cylinder Exchange serves 17 states. (Photo by Mike Gioffre)

American Cylinder Exchange (ACX)/Rhine LLC’s owner-operator model makes it unique in the propane industry.

A variety of local owner-operator partners help oversee the cylinder exchange company, which operates as separate business units. Each business unit has a name that’s typically tied to its geographic area.

Florida-based ACX/Rhine, with a primary business of exchanging forklift gas, has grown to 14 operating companies, 17 plant locations and nearly 200 employees that serve 17 states.

ACX/Rhine says this local owner-operator partnership allows it to provide its customers with first-rate service, as each partner is dedicated to the company and its service offerings.

“We understand the importance of customer retention and do everything possible to create an incredible customer experience,” says Mike Gioffre, a partner with ACX/Rhine. “To do so, our entire crew, from our professional drivers to our office and plant team members, is completely dedicated to our customers.”

This commitment to customers has been especially vital, as an interest in electric lifts continues to increase.

ACX/Rhine, however, says its propane business remains steady.

While reflecting on this rise in business, Gioffre stresses the cause is three-fold. First, a high number of propane lifts is currently available and in use. Second, various limitations concerning electric lifts have been discovered and continue to surface, he says. Finally, he emphasizes the influence of the company’s local owner-operator partners.

“Our team does a great job of retaining existing business and bringing in new accounts,” Gioffre says. “Oftentimes, their commitment to customers has more of an impact on propane lift purchases than anything else, even as the electric lift discussion intensifies.”

The company’s focus on safety, which includes filling cylinders in the “controlled environments” of its own plants, Gioffre says, has led many customers to overlook the ongoing electric lift discussion and remain loyal to propane lifts. In some instances, prospective customers – who were unsure whether they should use electric or propane lifts – have become just as dedicated to ACX/Rhine as the company is to them.

“We understand that customers are our bosses, and our job is to provide a painless process that ensures they have peace of mind,” he says. “Consequently, our customers can rest at night, knowing that we will ensure they’ll always have exchange tanks ready to go when they need them.”

Company profile: American Cylinder Exchange/Rhine LLC

Year founded // 2012
Headquarters // West Palm Beach, Florida; Auburn, Georgia
Co-Owners // American Cylinder Exchange LLC and Rhine LLC (operating partner), along with local owner-operators*
Employees // 22 full time
Bobtails and transport trucks // 96
Annual gallon sales // About 17.3 million gallons, ranking it 29th on LP Gas’ 2024 list of Top Propane Retailers

(*Each location has a local owner-operator/partner that oversees its daily operations.)

American Cylinder Exchange/Rhine LLC’s 14 operating companies:

  • Atlanta Propane Exchange
  • Capital Propane Exchange
  • Commonwealth Propane
  • Denver Propane Exchange
  • DFW Propane Exchange
  • Diamondback Propane
  • Florida Lift Gas
  • Gateway Propane
  • Houston Propane Express
  • Indianapolis Propane Exchange
  • Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange
  • N.C. Propane Exchange
  • Nashville Propane Exchange
  • Tri-State Propane Exchange

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