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In November 2018, a fire in Northern California raged for 17 days and turned out to be the deadliest wildfire to hit the state. The Camp Fire wildfire covered 153,336 acres, destroying nearly 19,000 structures and causing about $16.5 billion in damages before being contained.

DeCarli's Propane donated tanks and fuel to those California residents effected by wildfires. Photo courtesy of DeCarli’s Propane

DeCarli’s Propane donated tanks and fuel to those California residents affected by wildfires. Photo courtesy of DeCarli’s Propane

Camp Fire displaced thousands of families, presenting a philanthropic opportunity for a propane operation about three hours south of the affected area.

The service area of DeCarli’s Propane stretches from the Golden Gate Bridge up to Cloverdale, California, in Marin and Sonoma counties. Despite being a few hours away from the disaster area, DeCarli’s Propane partners with Campaign Propane: Operation Warmth to help those living in temporary housing.

Jocelyn Cronin, a friend of the DeCarli family, started Campaign Propane: Operation Warmth simply out of a desire to help others.

“She didn’t have any family or anyone affected by the fire,” says Alex DeCarli, manager and third-generation member of the family-owned DeCarli’s Propane. “She just wanted to help, so she came to us and said ‘I think I would like to help people with propane.’”

People displaced by the fire were without hot water, fuel for a stove and other basic amenities while living in trailers or temporary housing.

DeCarli’s Propane developed a plan to help alleviate those struggles.

“We came up with the idea of having people purchase 5-gallon tanks to donate, and we would donate the fuel needed,” DeCarli explains. “This has blossomed into a lot more than what I thought it was going to be.”

With the help of Cronin, DeCarli’s Propane sends a truckload of tanks three hours north every weekend for people affected by Camp Fire. When the truck returns, it brings tanks that need to be refilled or recertified by DeCarli’s Propane. It’s a process and a program the operation welcomes with open arms.

According to DeCarli, the operation donated about 300 tanks and about 1,600 gallons of propane through Campaign Propane: Operation Warmth, and the number is rising. DeCarli says one gentleman recently donated 100 tanks, and DeCarli expects more to come.

“At first I thought people were only going to donate a handful of tanks,” DeCarli admits. “But the [victims of the fire] really do need the help, and people have continued to donate.”

DeCarli plans to see his involvement quickly evolve.

Campaign Propane: Operation Warmth recently partnered with the National Victim Support Network – an organization aimed at providing support and resources to individuals and communities impacted by tragic events – to expand its reach. With the help of this partnership, DeCarli’s Propane hopes to grow its participation, including sending a bobtail to refill tanks on-site.

“We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon,” DeCarli says. “We are going to continue to help as long as we’re needed.”

DeCarli’s Propane

Founders // Victor and Charlie DeCarli
Headquarters // Petaluma, California
Owners // Richard and Angela DeCarli
Employees // 15
Locations // 2
Website // decarlipropane.com

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